Check out the benefits of learning to code
Coding helps develop <span class="text-orange">problem-solving skills</span>
Coding helps develop problem-solving skills
Through coding, a child learns how to identify a problem statement and then develop an app, website or a code to solve these problems.
Coding helps develop <span class="text-orange">analytical thinking</span>
Coding helps develop analytical thinking
In programming, kids learn how to "handle errors" - that is to anticipate problems that will probably emerge, and then writing the correct codes that will prevent the problems from happening or correcting the code when the error happens.
Coding helps develop <span class="text-orange">structural thinking</span>
Coding helps develop structural thinking
Coding helps a child learn how to build small pieces of codes and then get these different blocks of codes to work together teaching them how to think structurally.
Coding simplifies complex <span class="text-orange">math concepts</span>
Coding simplifies complex math concepts
It's a misconception that only someone who's good at math can code. In fact, Coding shows practical application of math concepts and kids learn how to use mathematical concepts in a problem to move it forward.
Coding helps <span class="text-orange">develop resilience</span>
Coding helps develop resilience
The act of debugging a problem in coding teaches kids resilience. They learn how to test multiple solutions of solving a problem if one way does not work.
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Background Vector ShapeSofia

Two weeks ago, I could not write basic code. But, just after 7 classes at Codingal, I can now build an app

- Sofia

Background Vector ShapeAdvik

Through Codingal I realised that coding is not something very difficult and complex but actually interesting and fun!

- Advik