Codingal makes kids creators in the new world with the first STEAM coding curriculum for the kids. Kids learn logic, sequence, structure, and algorithmic thinking to generate creative outcomes like apps and animations.

So, here are five ways in which Codingal can change your child’s future:

Confidence And Empowerment

When was the last time you were filled with childlike excitement about something? If it is not anytime recent, then look into the eyes of a child doing the coding. Coding fills children up with joy, very much like putting a magic wand in their hands and telling them to just create a better world.

Children are so motivated to share the stories of how they wish to solve current problems in the world. This new age thinking is taught, through apps, games, animations the kid themselves create at Codingal.

At Codingal, our teachers have been trained to discover the strengths of your child in learning and to support it by teaching them coding to develop their own creativity, unlike rigidly following lesson plans in traditional school practice.

Career Opportunities

Learning how to code will open up a wide range of opportunities for children. Coding will give your children multidisciplinary skills, which include designing, storytelling, mathematics, and problem-solving, whichever career path they choose, by giving them a competitive edge. Children pick up coding much faster and could even teach those around them, aspiring to be the leaders of tomorrow.


Codingal will not only ignite the enthusiasm for coding but will also patiently coach children to develop concentration and patience as they learn to piece together computation thinking and algorithmic thinking to create apps, games, and animations of their choice and interest.


Communicating their ideas, live on camera in one-on-one sessions with their teachers will put them in the practice of framing their ideas for a third person to understand. This will give the child an outlet and a platform to express their ideas like never before. Not only that, but it will also develop the child’s ability to question when they don’t understand something and be highly confident that they will be heard, and their problem will be solved through a joint effort with a teacher.


Through the execution and solving of coding problems and sequences, children learn collaboration and teamwork with the wider international community through discussion forums. These forums, such as Stackoverflow, not only give them the opportunity to interact with developers with all sorts of expertise and abilities to learn from and to teach what they have learned.