Anand, a kid of age 13 years of grade 6th Magarpatta City Public School, Pune, has now developed a Social Donation App that enlists welfare organization that helps underprivileged people. One can donate food, clothes, money, etc. with the help of this application. Also, he has taken care of medical emergencies here.

Anand has managed to do this thanks to the coding experience he picked up learning via Codingal. This is an online learning platform that teaches kids how to code so that they are prepared to take a modern world where the skill has become that much more coveted.

His app allows anyone to donate food, clothes, money, etc. for the needy people. He lets the different modules of an app and attempt to assemble them in the correct order, like a game. That way, kids can more easily pick up an understanding of how the application technology works. Anand himself says he was inspired by the poor people who on live on the footpath and does not have
food to eat, and clothes to wear. In particular, he says that he was inspired to change the poverty of India by helping the poor people of our country.

This is exactly the kind of interest we need to build in young children in the country. You can force kids to take up science and engineering in college all you want. But it’s not unless they can develop a passion for it that they will achieve great things. And this is how you start.

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