Magnetic Slime

Slime activities are always an exciting one for kids due to their colorful appearance. Most of the parents or educators will include this experiment in their activity session, as they are fun. But this activity is quite different from the regular one. It requires iron oxide powder and magnets where they are added into the mix. Moreover, getting the perfect slime consistency can be quite tricky. In that case, you can make use of liquid starch or glue. Finally, once the mixture is ready to be tested, a strong neodymium magnet is required to manipulate the slime.

Jellybean Building

This is one of the existing experiments where you will need a pack of jellybeans or large marshmallows. This activity will help the children to understand the design, technology, and concept behind the structural engineering. Help the kids to connect the toothpicks with the jelly beans and let them analyze which all shapes hold together and why? If the kids are preschoolers, you can encourage them to build a stack. To make this activity more interesting, you can ask the kids to build a house or some other structure.

Magic of Lemon

This activity is one of the interesting ones for kids who are interested in chemistry. The basic idea of the experiment is to demonstrate how the acid reacts with heat. Take a bowl with a little amount of water in it and squeeze the lemon into it. Now, ask the kids to dip the paintbrush in the liquid and write or draw a structure in a piece. Then, hold the paper near a hot light bulb or run an iron box with minimal heat over it. Once it is done, show them how the transparent ink turned in to brown color.

Erupting Volcano

Erupting volcano is a pretty old experiment, but still an exciting one as well. This activity teaches simple chemical reactions, and kids will know how substances will reach with each other.

First, take a vase and add 14 cup baking soda in the bottom. Then to make the reactions more colorful, add the food colors, and glitters on the top of the baking soda. In the final step, add ½ half cup vinegar and lets kids watch the colorful volcano eruption.

Candle Seesaw

All the children love playing a seesaw, but it not possible for them to think about why the position, weight of the opponent plays an essential role in balancing. Through this activity, they will understand the art of balancing and investigate the force with a model seesaw made of candles.