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rayGrade 3, Codingal StudentReview stars given by Students

I love learning with Codingal. It's always fun and the teacher is nice and kind.

Double quotesbillie
billieGrade 5, Codingal StudentReview stars given by Students

Codingal classes are so much fun. I've started to really enjoy creating things with code.

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saaranshGrade 4, Codingal StudentReview stars given by Students

I now have two apps published on the Google Play Store. I'm glad to be learning coding with Codingal.

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ikumiCodingal ParentReview stars given by Students

Codingal's well-structured courses have made coding fun for my son. They're the best and the quickest.

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1-on-1 sessions with all-star computer science teachers who are trained to be the perfect mentors on your coding journey

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The world's only coding curriculum based on BIDE, STEAM and Bloom's Taxonomy to teach kids coding scientifically

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Customized pace to match your learning style and to make sure you get the maximum value from the course

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