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Background Vector ShapeSofia

Two weeks ago, I could not write basic code. But, just after 7 classes at Codingal, I can now build an app

- Sofia

Background Vector ShapeAdvik

Through Codingal I realised that coding is not something very difficult and complex but actually interesting and fun!

- Advik

Background Vector ShapeSamar Shareef

I was especially impressed when the teacher went out of the way and provided extra classes to explain a concept in app development which my son found difficult

- Samar Shareef

We are proud to support creators of the future

Our kids have made wonderful creations of their own

Rocket Mission

Rocket Mission

Vikash, Grade 7

Our student wrote the code for a game Rocket Mission in which you should be the last dragon to survive in Space!

Fruit Ninja Game

Fruit Ninja Game

Yogesh, Grade 4

Our student wrote the code for building his own version of the game 'Fruit Ninja'.

7 wonders of the world animation

7 wonders of the world animation

Chloe, Grade 4

Our student wrote the code for an animation that takes you around the world to visit the 7 wonders.

Covid Maze

Covid Maze

Aditya, Grade 5

Our student wrote the code for a game relevant to Covid Pandemic. Move the doctor and the vaccine to patient without catching the virus.

Move with arrows

Move with arrows

Aviral, Grade 1

Check out the game our student made to help his sprite move to get his chores done.

Flying Butterflies

Flying Butterflies

Adhyan, Grade 4

Check out our student's project where he wrote the code to help the butterfly move from one flower to another!