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Choose a coding course that excites your child

Online Coding Course for Kids & Teens to Master Coding Skills
Age 5-15

Coding Grandmaster:
Master Coding Skills

Grade 1-10
350+ Activities
144 Lessons
12-18 months

Embark on an amazing learning journey with 144 lessons for kids and teens to master coding. Choose from a pre-defined curriculum or customize your own.

Learning outcomes

Learn to build apps, games & websites

Mastery in all coding skills

Project based learning

Coding Grandmaster certificate, accredited by STEM.org

Online Coding Course for Kids & Teens to Code Like a Pro
Age 5-17

Coding Prodigy:
Code Like a Pro

Grade 1-12
184+ Activities
96 Lessons
9-12 months

A 96-lesson coding curriculum designed for kids and teens to master coding skills, fostering creativity and technical proficiency.

Learning outcomes

Learn to code like a pro

Create amazing apps and games

Earn Coding Prodigy certificate (STEM.org Accredited)

Master the art of problem solving

Coding Course for Kids & Teens to Learn to Code
Age 5-17

Coding Champion:
Learn to Code

Grade 1-12
50+ Activities
48 Lessons
4-6 months

Kickstart coding for kids and teens with this fun course! Enjoy 48 exciting lessons and hands-on projects that spark creativity and build skills.

Learning outcomes

Kickstart your coding journey

Build Awesome Apps, Games & Websites

Earn Coding Champion Certificate (STEM.org Accredited)

Unlock Problem-Solving Superpowers

Online Scratch Programming Course for Kids & Teens
Age 5-14

Scratch Programming:
Unleash Your Creativity

Grade 1-8
50+ Activities
36 Lessons
2-4 months

Learn coding with Scratch: build games, animate, dive into AI, and unleash your creativity with endless possibilities.

Learning outcomes

Learn the Coding Language

Make Stuff Move (Animations & Games)

Meet the Super-Smart Machines (AI Basics)

Design Interactive Stories and Art

Download curriculum
Online Game Development Course for Kids to Build Fun Games
Age 8-14

Game Development for Kids: Build Fun Games

Grade 4-8
50+ Activities
36 Lessons
2-4 months

Level up your game dev skills with Scratch and Code.org! Create epic games and unleash your creativity effortlessly.

Learning outcomes

Code Like a Pro (For Games)

Become a Game Creator (Scratch & Javascript)

Think Like a Gamer (But Smarter)

Animate Characters and Objects (Bringing Games to Life)

Download curriculum
Online App Development Course for Kids to Publish Own Apps
Age 8-14

App Development for Kids: Publish Own Apps

Grade 4-8
50+ Activities
36 Lessons
2-4 months

Build awesome apps using Thunkable and drop them on the Play Store. Turn your ideas into reality and go viral!

Learning outcomes

Build Interactive Interfaces

Design Awesome Apps

Make Your App Super Smart (Integrate camera, accelerometers, GPS, etc.)

Share Your App with the World

Download curriculum
Online Roblox Course for Kids to Build & Design Epic Games
Age 8-14

Roblox Champion: Build & Design Epic Games

Grade 4-8
50+ Activities
36 Lessons
2-4 months

Create and launch Roblox games with expert tutors. Turn your ideas into viral hits!

Learning outcomes

Become a Roblox Game Builder

Learn Scripting with Lua

Design Fun & Different 3D Games (tycoon simulations, racing games, and horror experiences)

Share Your Games with the World

Download curriculum
Website Development Course for Teens to Learn to Build and deploy Websites
Age 13-17

Website Development: Learn to Build Websites

Grade 8-12
90+ Activities
90 Lessons
10-12 months

Learn the fundamentals of the web and enhance your skills in building Interactive web pages using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more.

Learning outcomes

Build responsive websites

Develop interactive web pages

Master website development

Implement best practices in web dev

Download curriculum
Online Python Course for Teens to Enhance Coding Skills
Age 11-17

Python Champion: Enhance Your Skills

Grade 6-12
90+ Activities
44 Lessons
4-6 months

Learn Python through project-based learning, exploring fundamentals, advanced libraries, OOP, game development, GUIs, and more.

Learning outcomes

Master Python programming

Build interactive games

Develop GUI applications

Understand & apply OOP concepts

Download curriculum
Data Science Course for Teens with Python & Analytics Skills
Age 13-17

Data Science for Teens: Learn Python & Analytics

Grade 9-12
200+ Activities
168 Lessons
18-20 months

Master the core principles of data science and gain practical experience through hands-on projects.

Learning outcomes

Master advanced libraries in Python

Learn data structures and algorithms

Analyze & interpret complex data sets

Implement machine learning and deep learning projects

Download curriculum
IOI Algorithms Course for Teens to Master Algorithms with Python
Age 13-17

IOI Algorithms: Master Algorithms with Python

Grade 9-12
150+ Activities
120 Lessons
12-14 months

Develop advanced skills in data structures and algorithms through hands-on problem-solving.

Learning outcomes

Master data structures and algorithms

Master problem-solving

Enhance Python programming skills

Prepare for coding competitions

Download curriculum
AP Computer Science A Course for Teens to Learn Programming with Java
Age 15-17

AP Computer Science A: Programming with Java

Grade 11-12
70+ Activities
48 Lessons
4-5 months

Master Java programming, OOP, data structures, and algorithms through hands-on problem-solving.

Learning outcomes

Master Java programming

Understand & apply OOP concepts

Enhance algorithmic thinking

Develop advanced problem-solving skills

Download curriculum

Students and parents love Codingal

Olti Merovci

Grade 6

Codingal Student

Lyla Ineson

Grade 8

Codingal Student

Stefanie Ineson

Film Industry

Codingal Parent

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Learn coding from the top Indian IT instructors. Our hand-picked instructors ensure the best learning experience.

🎓 300+

graduate IT Instructors from India

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Years coding experience

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Codingal teachers

You are in safe hands at Codingal

Like thousands of other parents who have enrolled their kids and teens

Money back guarantee

At Codingal, we are passionate about customer satisfaction.

Therefore, we have a 100% moneyback guarantee policy. If we do not meet your expectations, you have the right to cancel your purchase and get your money back. It's as simple as that.

If at any point, you feel that you wish to discontinue using Codingal, please email us at billing@codingal.com and we will immediately process your refund for the remaining lessons/classes, no questions asked.

Flexible pricing with personalized classes


8 classes / month

  • 2 classes per week
  • 8+ fun and engaging activities
  • 8 Coding quizzes
  • Access to complete coding module
  • Expert-designed, project-based curriculum paired with hands-on activities and projects
  • Progress Tracking - Parent Teacher Meet
  • Unlimited doubt sessions, available 24*7

12 classes / month

  • 3 classes per week
  • 12+ fun and engaging activities
  • 12 Coding quizzes
  • Access to complete coding modules
  • Expert-designed, project-based curriculum paired with hands-on activities and projects
  • Progress Tracking - Parent Teacher Meet
  • Unlimited doubt sessions, available 24*7

With Codingal Prime, your child gets private tutoring from best instructors

Experience exclusive 1:1 online private tutoring

Handpicked top coding instructor as per your choice

Flexible number of weekly classes for your child

Unlimited doubt sessions, available 24x7. Absolutely free!

Personalized attention from instructor in each class

Flexibility to choose class timings & reschedule

Dedicated support team to resolve queries 24x7

Lifetime access to all class recordings

STEM.org accredited certificate for the course

Complete projects & Quizzes after every class

Receive monthly progress reports & attend PTMs

Flexible payment options available

Tailored curriculum for your child's interest & pace

Get assured 100% moneyback guarantee

Give an early advantage to your child with Codingal Prime - the premium learning program

Gamified Learning dashboard with projects & quizzes

Why children should learn to code

Children are full of ideas and coding helps children develop key creative skills
Develop key skills

Learning to code helps improve a child's logical thinking and problem-solving skills by 70%, also enabling them to perform better at school.

A child learn to code in front of a computer and prepares for a bright future

Prepare for the future

Children need to learn coding and develop digital skills if they want to be successful in the technology-driven job market of the future.

A child plays with educational toys and learns new things
Learn through coding

Our STEM-focused curriculum makes coding a learning aid and helps kids develop a deeper understanding of the subjects they study at school.

See amazing projects created by our students

This website helps you book tickets for the T20 world cup.
KavinGrade 10
Website development
Ticket booking website
Dance around with the characters in this dance party.
Syeda Hiba SikandarGrade 3
Dance party
This is a project which lets you know about different animals.
Megha RaeGrade 6
Knowing About Animals
This project teaches you about different planets of solar system.
Samhith GurajapuGrade 2
Solar system
This project shows you different life stages of a butterfly.
Abdullah SaadGrade 7
Life cycle of a butterfly
This project shows animated stages of rocket launch to International Space Station.
Ankit VGrade 3
Rocket Launch

Intuitive learning dashboard for kids and parents

  • Class management & progress tracking
  • Easy rescheduling of classes
  • Session notes
  • Certificates of completion
  • Course and instructor information
  • Access to global coding competitions, masterclasses, quizzes, resources and much more.

Learn, compete, and win certificates in coding competitions

Our coding competitions and hackathons are a great way to put your coding skills to test and to learn and grow while competing with the best minds

IISC Bangalore
IISC, Bangalore
IIT Guwahati
IIT, Guwahati
IIT Roorkee
IIT, Roorkee
BITS Pilani
BITS, Pilani
Hewlett Packard
Hewlett Packard
Times of India
Times of India

It's our love and passion for coding and math that drive us to teach

Teaching coding and math to kids is a profound responsibility. Our dedicated educators and meticulously crafted curriculum reflect our deep understanding and commitment.

Vivek Prakash

Vivek Prakash

Co-Founder, Codingal

IIT Roorkee

Former Co-founder and CTO of one of the largest global programming community HackerEarth.

Learning to code and solve mathematical problems is not just about going to Mars or the moon. Coding and math are the language that empowers kids at multiple levels.

Satyam Baranwal

Satyam Baranwal

Co-Founder, Codingal

IIT Dhanbad

Founder of Skillovate — a pioneer company in imparting coding training to children.

Meet the team

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Coding for kids and teenshelps improve their logical thinking, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, creativity, mathematics and writing skills and also gives them valuable skills in life and at the workplace. Coding provides a competitive advantage when applying to colleges, internships, and jobs. In addition, basic programming knowledge can change how kids and teens interact daily with the technologies they use. It’s a basic literacy–one we can’t afford to overlook.

Our coding courses for kids and teens have been developed so that a complete beginner can follow along without any trouble. With technology increasingly prevalent across so many industries, even basic coding knowledge can help kids and teens regardless of the career they ultimately decide to pursue.

Kids can start learning to code as early as 5-6 years old. When kids learn to code, it’s typically done under the guidance of a game. This makes the process fun and engaging while the kids are still learning a new skill. Our highly qualified Computer Science teachers at Codingal break the complex concepts into small digestible chunks for your child. Kids who learn to code when they’re young can set themselves up for a lifetime of opportunities for success.

Codingal currently offers live online coding classes for kids and teens. Our coding courses include Scratch Programming, Python for kids and teens, App Development, Web Development, Game Development, Data Science for kids, Robotics and many other courses for Grade 1-12 students from age 5 years to age 17 years.

A key aspect of our coding courses for kids and teens is keeping parents informed on what happens during the online coding class. We conduct the first Parent Teacher Meeting(PTM) after the 6th session, and the second meeting is conducted after the 12th session. As the course progresses, the PTM happens after every 12th session. Parents receive progress reports after every Parent Teacher Meeting that indicate what students have done during their classes and have links to their projects. Besides regular email updates on the kid's progress, parents and teachers are welcome to audit a current class or review recorded sessions of completed classes.

Codingal’s teachers are experts in computer science, backed with years of industry and teaching experience, and passionate about teaching kids and teens. We hire only the top 1% of applicants who are vetted for their technical skills and communication skills. A thorough background check is also done. We train our teachers to help them continue improving their skills with continuous teacher observation and feedback. Our teachers are best-in-class who are on a mission to inspire kids to fall in love with coding.

Coding is a skill that requires specialized knowledge. While there are many resources available online that can help you catch up on the basics and start teaching coding to your child. However, the best and most effective way to teach a child to code is by ensuring they have a qualified and trained computer science teacher to guide them on their coding journey. Try a free 1-on-1 coding class for kids and teens to get started.

There is no shortage of websites and platforms that offer free access to resources to teach coding to kids and teens. However, every child learns differently and at a different pace, and guided learning is a far more effective method for teaching kids to code. Coding is a specialized subject and Coding instructors with Computer Science background are best suited to teach it in a live format. Your child will develop interest in coding with right guidance from the teachers. You can try a free class with Codingal to experience the magical world of coding.

There are quite a few games that kids can learn coding from, like Minecraft, Code Monster, RoboZZle, Blockly Games, etc. are some of the popular ones.

Many apps make coding fun and interactive for young children. Codingal, Scratch, Blockly, MIT App Inventor are suitable for those just starting. Intermediate coders who want to build an app or website can check out Codingal, CodeCombat, Stencyl, and Code.org. Advanced coders can also participate in coding competitions and hackathons organized by IOI, Codeforces, and Codingal.

Yes! You can work the classes around your child’s schedule by selecting any time and any day that works for you.

All that is needed to learn coding with Codingal is a laptop/computer with a webcam and a stable internet connection. Classes can also be attended on a tablet/iPad with an external keyboard and working mic and camera.

Codingal has been founded by leading edtech entrepreneurs, IIT graduates, Google & Amazon alumni and also backed by leading investors like Y Combinator and Rebright Partners. You can know more about us here - https://www.codingal.com/about-us/. Further, we provide money back guarantee if you decide to discontinue after enrollment due to any reason.

Codingal name had the origin from “coding” + “magical”. Learning coding is a magical experience for the kids and hence, the name became “Codingal”.

Penguins don't just look smart, they are highly intelligent, says study. Penguins are known for looking sharp. They have long been adored for their waddling gait and striking black and white attire that gives them the appearance of a flock of dinner jackets. Because Coding gives superpower, it makes everyone learning coding smarter and more intelligent in today's world of technology. We chose “Penguin” as our logo. We also call our penguin dearly with the name Cody!

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