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Student Learning Math Course Class Online

Explore the exciting world of math with Codingal’s easy-to-use learning platform, offering STEM accredited courses tailored to various global educational boards.

Our math classes are designed to make learning fun and engaging, helping students improve their problem-solving skills and build a strong foundation. With personalized attention from our expert teachers and interactive classes, every student can thrive.

Our handy dashboard makes it easy to track progress, schedule classes, and find class notes. Plus, join our community for access to special resources, worldwide competitions, and masterclasses. Start your math adventure with Codingal today!

A Globally Recognised Curriculum That Opens Doors

Our curriculum is fully aligned with the U.S. Common Core standards

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Grade 2
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Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6
Grade 7
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Grade 9
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Math Curriculum

1Number System

2Number Operations


4Time & Measurement


6Data Handling

Our teaching methods and philosophy inspire students to fall in love with math.

Why Codingal Math Class

Hear from our students how our math classes changed their lives

Olti Merovci

Grade 6

Codingal Student

Lyla Ineson

Grade 8

Codingal Student

Stefanie Ineson

Film Industry

Codingal Parent

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How does your child currently feel about math?

Has a passion for math and seeks more challenging material

Codingal offers your child the chance to excel beyond their current grade level.

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Is comfortable but could use a bit of help

Codingal can help your child excel at their current grade level and discover the joy in math.

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Is frustrated or lacks engagement

Mathnasium’s math tutors will assist your child in catching up with their school curriculum.

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Math Class for kids

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Learn math from the finest educators in the field. Our hand-picked instructors guarantee the best learning experience

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Teachers with Bachelor's and Master's degrees in mathematics.

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Behind the Screen: Our Math Instructors Unveil Their Passion for Teaching.

Codingal Stands Out: Experience the Difference with Our Many Unique Benefits in Math Education

Aligned with Common Core, State Standards, and Advanced Placement (AP) curricula.

Homework Assistance, Enhanced Learning, Test Preparation, and Beyond.

Scientific teaching methods based on Bloom's Taxonomy, BIDE, and STEAM principles.

STEM.org accredited certificate for the course

Unlimited doubt sessions and dedicated support available 24x7

Get assured 100% moneyback guarantee

Worksheets & Quizzes after every class

Gamified learning dashboard with projects & quizzes

Lifetime access to all class recordings and class notes

Regular PTM: parents and teachers meeting

Personalised learning Only one teacher, one student per class.

Handpicked math instructor as per your need

You are in safe hands at Codingal

Like thousands of other parents who have enrolled their kids and teens

Money back guarantee

At Codingal, we are passionate about customer satisfaction.

Therefore, we have a 100% moneyback guarantee policy. If we do not meet your expectations, you have the right to cancel your purchase and get your money back. It's as simple as that.

If at any point, you feel that you wish to discontinue using Codingal, please email us at billing@codingal.com and we will immediately process your refund for the remaining lessons/classes, no questions asked.

Intuitive learning dashboard for kids and parents

  • Class management & progress tracking
  • Easy rescheduling of classes
  • Session notes
  • Certificates of completion
  • Course and instructor information
  • Access to global coding competitions, masterclasses, quizzes, resources and much more.

It's our love and passion for coding that drives us to teach coding

Teaching coding to kids is a huge responsibility. Our teachers and curriculum ensure we understand and own this fully .

Vivek Prakash

Vivek Prakash

Co-Founder, Codingal

IIT Roorkee

Former Co-founder and CTO of one of the largest global programming community HackerEarth.

Learning to code is not about going to Mars or the moon. Coding is a language which empowers kids at multiple levels.

Satyam Baranwal

Satyam Baranwal

Co-Founder, Codingal

IIT Dhanbad

Founder of Skillovate — a pioneer company in imparting coding training to children.

Meet the team

Got questions? Find answers in our FAQ section

Yes, all Codingal teachers are highly qualified and experienced. They hold at least a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics or a related field, and many have Master’s degrees or higher. They are also trained in the latest educational techniques.

Students will need a computer or tablet with internet access, a webcam, and a microphone. Our platform is accessible through most web browsers without the need for special software.

To ensure personalized attention and an optimal learning environment, our classes are limited to one teacher per student or small groups, depending on the course structure.

At Codingal, our online math classes are delivered through our proprietary platform. Each session is live and conducted one-on-one with a dedicated math expert. Students typically have two or more live sessions per week with their instructor. To participate in a class, students require a desktop or laptop computer equipped with headphones, a microphone, and a broadband internet connection.

At Codingal, we recognize that scoring high in school exams doesn’t necessarily reflect a child’s true understanding of math. It’s common for students to achieve scores of 95% to 100% yet lack a solid grasp of fundamental math concepts. This often leads to difficulties in higher grades as the subject matter becomes more complex. At Codingal, we provide personalized attention to identify and strengthen areas where each student needs improvement. For those who already excel in the basics, our program advances into more complex areas, including preparation for math Olympiads and increasing challenge levels to keep engagement high. Moreover, to prevent boredom and maintain interest for students who might not feel sufficiently challenged by their school curriculum, Codingal offers a variety of stimulating activities like tab-based exercises and interactive puzzles.

At Codingal, we believe that effective learning extends beyond homework completion and exam preparation. While home tuitions often concentrate merely on these areas, repeating what students learn at school, we aim to deepen and expand their mathematical understanding. Our curriculum is meticulously structured and delivered through online worksheets and interactive simulations, ensuring students not only understand but excel in math fundamentals. Our instructors are carefully selected and undergo comprehensive training to maintain the highest teaching standards. Unlike traditional home tuitions, which may have an unrestricted number of students, a Codingal class maintains a small group setting with no more than 7 to 8 students from various grades. This approach minimizes competition, fostering a more supportive learning environment, and allows our teachers to provide personalized attention to each student, ensuring individual growth and understanding.

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Codingal has secured substantial backing from renowned investment firms and a host of prominent angel investors

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