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Scratch programming for kids

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$40 per class

Scratch Programming Course Content

6 Modules , 36 Lessons

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Module 1

Basic Animation Development

Learn basic programming concepts like Loops and Conditionals. Problem solving skills and logical development with Scratch programming course.


Module 2

Game Design - I

With Scratch programming course get introduced to coordinates and broadcast while making fun games like Mario Dash.


Module 3

Game Design - II

Understand interlinking concepts with the help of broadcast and cloning in game.


Module 4

Advanced Game Design

Learn advanced animation effects and games with Scratch programming, like the Pacman game.


Module 5

Artificial Intelligence Basic

Get introduced to the magical world of Artificial Intelligence with Scratch programming course. Create an image recognizer project using block coding.


Module 6

Artificial Intelligence Advance

With Scratch programming course get introduced to speech recognition and Machine Learning.

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Learn Scratch programming course 1:1 from the experts

ALL Computer Science graduates

7+ Years coding experience

91% Female teachers

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The best place for kids to learn Scratch programming

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Learn the basic principles of coding using Scratch, start using events, coordinates and sprites, and create your own programs using code blocks.

what kids will learn from this course

What you’ll learn

  • Introduction to Scratch programming course
  • Basic Scratch programming concepts
  • Block based programming
  • Game development with Scratch
  • Concepts of algorithms
  • Artificial intelligence using Scratch
  • Interactive stories and animations
what you gain by learning this course

Skills you’ll gain

Computer science principle

Computer science principles

Coding on Scratch platform

Coding on Scratch platform

Problem solving skills

Problem solving

Creative thinking

Creative thinking

Analytical thinking

Analytical thinking

Game development

Game development

what kids achive by learning this coding courses

What you’ll get

  • 1:1 live online Scratch coding classes
  • accredited certificate
  • Scratch developer certificate
  • Lifetime access to course content
  • Personalised learning journey
  • Downloadable learning resources
  • Exclusive access to coding competitions for kids
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Activities for Scratch Programming

Snake game

Create your own version of the classic Snake game using code blocks on Scrach and share the game with your friends.

Mario Dash

Create your own version of the popular game Super Mario and score points for avoiding obstacles in your path.


Create your own version of the classic Pac-Man game in which players can score points by eating dots. Accredited Educational Experience

STEM accredited online educational course

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What students and parents have to say

Codingal reviews by student



Grade 3, Codingal Student

Scratch programming course by Codingal offers me unlimited possibilities. It helps me learn through exploration, practice, play, and collaboration.

Codingal courses reviews by Parent

Sudip Kumar


Codingal Parent

Scratch programming at Codingal encourages my child to learn by doing. Also, it helps my kids with cognitive skills and decision making.

Codingal reviews by student


United Kingdom

Grade 1, Codingal Student

The Scratch course from Codingal introduced me to coding in an interactive way and also it is easy to understand. I really enjoy the class.

Codingal courses reviews by Parent


IT Consultant

Codingal Parent

My child enjoys the Scratch course a lot. It helps develop computational thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills in my child.

Codingal reviews by student

Karthi Dasari


Grade 4, Codingal Student

Very good course! Clear lessons, interesting tasks and a great teacher. I love the layout of the Scratch course offered by Codingal and its functionality.

Codingal courses reviews by Parent


Codingal Parent

The Scratch course offered by Codingal serves as a great introduction to coding logic for my kids. My child is learning to code in a fun and interactive way.

Codingal reviews by student



Grade 4, Codingal Student

I started learning programming at an early age. Codingal method is working for me with the right level of content and techniques. Thank you Codingal.

Codingal courses reviews by Parent


IT Professional

Codingal Parent

Scratch coding is a very good course for my child to learn about coding and getting started from the beginning. The teachers at Codingal are very well qualified.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scratch programming?

Scratch is a free block-based programming language designed primarily for kids. It’s a visual programming interface where kids can code interactive stories, games, and animations and share their creations through an online community. Scratch coding courses for kids make learning fun and interactive.

Scratch programming is used to create interactive stories, games, animations, and much more by dragging and dropping code blocks.

Scratch uses a drag and drop method which lets children perform actions quickly and easily. This approach makes Scratch programming courses for kids easy to learn and fun.

Children can now master Scratch coding courses with Codingal’s Scratch programming course for kids, curated especially for grade 1-8 students. The specialized coding course for kids helps children develop skills such as creative thinking, problem-solving, storytelling, and animation.

Here are three easy steps for kids to get started with Scratch:

  • Sign up on the Scratch website for free.
  • Explore the “ideas” section to access the getting started tutorial.
  • Create your first project using Scratch.

Kids can learn Scratch programming by signing up on the Scratch website for free. It’s a free-to-use programming language tool that allows children to learn how to code in a visually engaging way.

Yes. Scratch is one of the best programming languages designed primarily for kids to learn to code. It encourages kids to bring their imagination to life by creating innovative projects.

Scratch is a great platform for kids to get started to learn to code. It’s an interactive, drag-and-drop programming language that allows kids to create animations, apps, and games. With Scratch, they learn to think creatively, work collaboratively, and reason systematically. Codingal offers the best Scratch programming course for kids to master the sun and interactive Scratch platform.

Scratch is one of the best ways for kids to learn to code. It involves dragging and dropping elements instead of writing code while children still learn about coding logic.

The bright and colorful interface of Scratch is engaging and fun for most kids. It provides visual clues through predefined groups of code (blocks), such as events, controls, commands, loops, conditions, and more. These blocks can be selected, modified, and sequenced to create games, apps, animations, and more. Codingal’s Scratch coding courses for kids is a top-rated coding course for kids that helps them to learn programmatic thinking and get an enthusiastic head start into real-world coding skills.

Learning Scratch programming will help children learn the basic coding concepts along with problem-solving, project building, design thinking, and much more. Kids can now master the core principles of coding with Codingal’s best Scratch coding course for kids.

The Scratch programming course will help kids learn the core principles of coding using the interactive Scratch platform. Codingal’s Scratch programming course for Grade 1-8 kids helps them master the essential principles of coding including events, coordinates, loops, sequences, sprites, animation, and much more. The course will also help the kid develop other essential skills including creative thinking, problem-solving, and storytelling.