IIT Roorkee E-Summit Kids Codathon
IIT Roorkee E-Summit'23

IIT Roorkee E-Summit Kids Codathon

Hosted by IIT Roorkee E-Summit'23


03:30 AM CUT, Dec 05, 2022


06:29 PM CUT, Feb 27, 2023


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Hackathons are a great way to enhance your coding skills and proficiency. They offer hands-on learning and let you apply your computer science learning, ideas, and creativity. Here is an opportunity to improve your coding skills and compete with the best coders out there!
IIT Roorkee E-Summit 23, in partnership with Codingal, the #1 coding platform that provides online coding classes for kids, brings you the Kids Codathon for Grade 1-12 students. This is for all the school kids across the globe.
Kids Codathon is an online hackathon competition where students can participate individually. So don't miss out on this opportunity to learn, compete, and win certificates from IIT Roorkee.


Important Date:

Project Submission Last Date: Feb 27, 2023

Themes and Projects

Format & Project


The competition is divided into three groups: Grade 1-5, Grade 6-9 & Grade 10-12


Grade 1-5

Theme 1: Life Cycle of Butterfly


Project: Create an animation depicting the life cycle of a Butterfly. Make your project unique by using appropriate images and sounds.


Platform to be used - Block-based platform like code.org, Scratch, Thunkable

Theme 2: Virtual Zoo


Project: Create a virtual zoo app consisting of multiple animals and useful information about them and their images.

Platform to be used - Block-based platform like code.org or  app lab


Grade 6-9

Theme 1: Future World


Project: Create a project on how the Earth will look in the future if we don't take care of it or if global warming worsens.

Platform:  Block-based platform like Scratch, code.org & Thunkable

Theme 2: Constellation


Project: Do you know what a constellation is? They are a  group of stars that form a picture.

Create your own constellation project showing some famous constellations. You can add graphical effects to the stars. Use your creativity to make it more interesting.

Platform to be used - Block-based platform like code.org, scratch, thunkable

Grade 10-12


Theme 1: Winning Trust of Customers

Project: Winning a customer trust is the most important challenge faced by startups/busniesses these days. Imagine you are the CEO of a startup and one of the major issue that you faces was 'Winning trust of customers'. 


Build a website on what issues did you face and how can you tackle it, so that its helpful for other emerging entrepreneurs as well. Remember, with a highly satisfied customer base, startups can scale towards excellence.

Languages:  HTML, CSS, JS

Theme 2: Photo Gallery


Project: Create a photo gallery webiste using HTML CSS and JS

Evaluation Criteria


Top 3 from each grade group will receive Certificate of Recognition from IIT Roorkee E-Summit'23


All participants submitting projects will receive Certificate of Participation from IIT Roorkee E-Summit'23


All Winners & Participants will get scholarships on coding courses from Codingal *


How to register for the competition?


  • Click on the "Register & Start" button. A modal form will open. Enter your mobile number and grade/class.


  • Enter your details to complete the competition registration form.


Competition Registration Form


The following details are required-

  • Student's name
  • Email
  • City
  • Grade (by default, it will appear)
  • Mobile Number (by default, it will appear)
  • School Name


  • Click on the "Complete Registration" button. You are registered for the competition.

How to Submit your Project?


  • Once you have registered and finished your project, Go to the "IIT Roorkee Kids Codathon" page on the Codingal website.
  • Click "Register & Start" and input your mobile number and grade/class
  • Click on "Submit Project" and fill in the below information:


  • Select your Group* Junior/Middle/Senior (Grade 1-5/ 6-9/ 10-12)
  • Select your Theme* 
  • Project Name*  (Any name of your choice for your project)
  • Development Platform* (Eg- Scratch, Thunkable, Repl, etc.)
  • Project Description* (Tell us something about your project in a few lines. 4-5 lines are essential for evaluation)
  • Project Link (Paste the Link of your project)
  • Upload Project File (Only If Applicable, and it should not be more than 50 MB)
  • Upload a zip file of screenshots/images of the app/website (Only If Applicable, and it should not be more than 50 MB)
  • Upload a zip file of screenshots/images of the source code of the app/website (Only If Applicable, and it should not be more than 50 MB)


  • Click "Submit," & your project is submitted.

* Mandatory fields


Is this competition online?
Yes, this competition is 100% online. The contestant can work on their project anywhere and time if they have access to a computer/laptop and an internet connection.


Who can participate in this competition?
Students from Grades 1-12 across the globe can participate in this competition. 


How much does it cost to enter this competition?
There is no registration fee to participate in the competition.


Can I submit projects late?
Unfortunately, we do not accept any late projects. All projects must be submitted by the project submission deadline.


What if I forget my registered mobile number while submitting the project?
If you forget your registered mobile number, you must re-register for the competition before submitting the project.


What if I want to resubmit the project for the competition?
Yes. You can resubmit the project five times. The latest or the last submitted project will be considered for evaluation.


I entered the wrong information in one of the form fields while submitting my project.
If you have entered the wrong information in one of the form fields, refresh the page before clicking on the "Submit Project" button at the bottom of the form.


Will the old project be considered for evaluation?
No, any old or previous project will not be considered for evaluation.


Can I submit more than one project?
No. You can submit only one project per competition.

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