Meet our young Innovator

Meet Vishwa Sahaya, a young prodigy from Pune who has come up with a revolutionary innovation at the age of 14.

Vishwa, a student at Global Indian International School and Codingal, has created an automatic hand-sanitizer dispenser that curtails the contact between healthcare workers and Covid-19 patients.

The difference his innovation is making

As we now understand that this pandemic is here to stay.

We need to find cost-effective ways to fight Covid-19.

This dispenser has been created at a marginal cost.

With its prototypes already installed at multiple public locations such as hospitals, vegetable markets, police stations, etc. benefiting thousands of individuals daily.

This automatic dispenser lowers the chances of passing Covid substantially.

As it allows individuals to sanitize their hands without coming in contact with another individual.

How codingal helped this prodigy to innovate at such a young age

Vishwa took the time to thank Codingal for their contribution to this marvelous innovation, explaining how our founders inspire him to push the boundaries.

He said, “I plan to be an entrepreneur one day, and Satyam Sir (founder of Codingal Learning, erstwhile Skillovate) has been constantly helping us during this project through video conferencing, and we are relentlessly working on creating more Robots for future also.”

This young child has the world at his feet. All of us at Codingal are looking forward to his next philanthropic innovation.

To conclude

Codingal allows children to be creative by providing them with an opportunity to express themselves.

The eagerness shown by our young prodigy Vishwa, is what we need to get through these hard times.

Pressurizing your kid to take up science and engineering might have the adverse effect.

But it’s when someone inculcates a passion for it that these young minds can achieve great things in the field of coding.

You can check out the video here.

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