Reasons Why Every Child Should Learn To Code

Rajnish Kumar

June 10, 2021

Reasons Why Every Child Should Learn To Code



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When it comes to preparing your kids for the prospect, there are few better ways than introducing them to code! Moreover, valuable if not necessary in the 21st century, coding helps kids to develop academically, building perseverance and organization skills that can translate into a career.

So, here are the five reasons why every child should learn to code

Programming helps children learn to problem-solve

Understanding computers and learning the basics of coding helps the children to develop an appreciation of how things work. It also teaches them how software engineers use math to solve problems creatively and logically. This is an essential reason that coding should be taught in schools so that children learn these skills while they are young.

Codingal introduces a Young Genius Competition (YGC) where school students participated to create solutions for real world problems as enunerated by United Nations SDGs.

Computer programming gives kids a challenge

When a kid learns to code, they develop the ability to bounce back after failure. They learn that failure is not necessarily a bad thing, and in fact, it can often be something positive because it serves as a better learning opportunity. This is one of the essential reasons why kids should code, as they will learn quickly that debugging your code is half the fun.

Codingal introduces Drones workshop for kids, as Drones are the future so are the kids. Right exposure at the right time results in great results.

Coding teaches children how to think.

Learning to code teaches the children how to think. Computer programming is not just about teaching how to type lines of code. It is more about teaching children how to think differently. Being able to code efficiently and effectively, a programmer needs to use logical thinking. They need to be able to see a large set of problem and break it down into smaller pieces to solve it effectively. This is called decomposition and is one of the key features of computational thinking.

Anand who studies in Grade 7 at Magarpatta City Public School, Pune has created a special “Social Donation App”. The application enlists welfare organization that helps underprivileged people. You can donate food, clothes, money etc with the help of this application. Also, he has taken care of medical emergencies here. Cheers to our future innovators!

Computer programming is the future.

When you look at how the world is kept on developing, coding is an extremely useful skill to possess. There are an increasing number of businesses that rely on computer code, not just those in the technology field.

A kid who learns how to code easily will have the advantage in life with more employment opportunities available to them in the future, no matter which industry they decide to enter, whether it is in the technology sector, retail, finance, health, or other. This is an essential reason why coding should be taught in schools.

Coding helps children to learn how to have fun with mathematics

Coding is the language of maths. Imagine coding being taught in every school? Learning to program involves many skills which include analysing and organizing data. Children can grow their math skills with the help of coding, without even realizing it. Using their logic and calculation skills while creating something of their own can make maths more fun and engaging.

Tanmay, a 7 year old kid from Elpro International School is making Space Animation while learning about Coding and Robotics during his holidays.

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