Most Useful New Skills For Kids To Learn During Quarantine

Rajnish Kumar on June 10, 2021

Most Useful New Skills For Kids To Learn During Quarantine

The confinement to home can make it difficult for kids to keep their patience and calm afloat as for most of them, classes, school, and outdoor playtime were a huge part of their routine and growth.

So, here are the most useful new skills to learn during a quarantine

New Language

Learning a new language has more than one merit. It helps when you travel to the place where it is natively spoken, gets you so much insight into the culture of its speakers; after all, it is uplifting. It also benefits your learning ability by rendering improved memory, better listening skills, enhanced concentration, and critical thinking skills.

Yoga And Meditation

With all the talk about practicing yoga to build immunity during the COVID-19 and the multitude of other benefits that it has, it is certainly one of the most useful skills to learn. When kids learn new skills like yoga and meditation and practice them regularly, it leads them to an active and healthier lifestyle in the future.

Reading And Writing

When we learn new skills at a young age, we find it easier to get a hold of them and tend to form a habit of practicing them, which becomes helpful in some or the other way. Two such valuable skills to learn which are worth forming a habit of, are reading and writing. Both of these are an integral part of your kid’s academics, but they should be just done within the school.


Bring your little chefs to the kitchen and talk to them about what you are preparing. You can ask them to help you with simple things like buttering a slice of bread, mashing some potatoes, tossing up a salad, or beating your cake batter. Out of all the new skills to learn mentioned in the list, cooking is the most basic life skill.


There is yet another skill that will help you enhance kids’ skills. One of the best skills to learn in today’s technological times, coding can earn your kids some brownie points when they enter the jobs market.

According to an analysis, programming jobs are growing at 12% faster than the market average. This makes it a lot easier for those who have coding literacy to secure jobs. And if they don’t aim for a job, then it can be of much use to them in whatever they take up, as a huge part of most of the new age businesses functions online.

It will make it easier for them to express themselves on internet platforms. However, learning to code shows significant development in cognitive abilities like memory and problem solving, along with creativity. So, if your kids are trying to do away with idleness and finding new skills to learn, coding is perhaps the best way to make use of the time. Now, if you are wondering how your kids can learn to code, here is just what you need:

An Online Course To Learn New Skills

To make your child time worthwhile during the quarantine, we at Codingal have designed an online coding course for the beginners where kids can acquire knowledge on the basics of coding, one of the most useful skills to learn today. The course acknowledges the importance of learning by doing and offers live tutoring sessions for better understanding; fun-filled quizzes, and assignments to put your learning to work. It promotes scratch coding for kids, the right way to begin their journey of learning to code.

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