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Coding for kids - best online coding classes for kids

Why coding for kids

Today, kids are growing up in a totally different world. Computers, cell phones and the internet are all embedded in their lives. As we are aware, coding for kids is no longer an extracurricular activity; instead, it has become a necessity. Coding for kids will give them vital skills for the future, as well as engage them in a digital world. Like enrolling your child in soccer, piano, or art classes, coding builds skills that can be useful across your child's entire life. No matter what field your child ends up going into, a basic understanding of the principles of coding is imperative. Learning to code can give your child the foundational skills for future success.

Coding courses for Grade 1-12

Top coding resources for kids

Best online coding resources for kids

Top 10 coding resources for kids

There has never been a better time than now to pick up and master the most essential 21st Century skill - coding.

Coding is increasingly becoming an essential 21st century skill. So if you are thinking of teaching your child to code, here are the top 10 coding resources for kids in 2022.

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Amazing coding apps for kids to learn in 2022

8 Amazing Coding Apps For Kids in 2022

To teach kids to code is not an easy task, but thankfully there are some fantastic resources through which students can master the art of coding. Coding for kids is the #1 skill and enables kids to become creators and not just consumers of technology.

There are numerous coding apps for kids to choose from. However, we have listed some of the best

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Best programming languages for kids to learn in 2022

Top 8 Programming Languages for Kids in 2022

Learning to code can sometimes be seen as challenging, especially for kids who are just getting started. Thankfully, there are specific programming languages for every skill and experience level. As there are many programming languages for kids to learn, it becomes challenging to decide which one is the best.

We’ve come up with a curated list of some of the most fun, useful, and even challenging programming languages for kids.

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Why every child should learn to code

7 Reasons Why Every Child Should Learn to Code

Coding has become an essential skill that can be learnt at a young age, starting with block-based coding and then advancing to text-based coding. Coding helps kids develop academically, building perseverance and organizational skills that can translate into a career. We are constantly required to upgrade our skills in this developing world.

So, here are the 7 reasons why every child should learn to code.

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Benefits of learning game developments for kids

7 Benefits of Learning Game Development for Kids

Kids these days don’t only spend time in front of the idiot box. Parents need to fight much smaller screens – mobiles, tablets, laptops, video games. But how do we judge whether the time they spend playing video games is bad?

Research suggests quite the opposite. It shows that kids that play video games have better spatial awareness, strategic thinking, and computer fluency.

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Competition and Hackathon for kids

Online coding competition and coding hackathons for kids

Coding competitions and hackathons are a great way to enhance your kid’s coding skills and proficiency. They offer a hands-on learning experience. Coding competitions and hackathons for kids are designed to inspire, motivate and engage students to learn to code. They provide children an opportunity to improve their coding skills and compete with the best coders out there!

Coding for kids : The ultimate Guide

Ultimate coding guide for kids

There has never been a better time than now to pick up and master the most essential 21st Century skill - coding.

Coding is increasingly becoming an essential 21st century skill. So if you are thinking of teaching your child to code, here is the ultimate guide to know more about Coding for kids.

Coding Quizzes for kids

Best online coding quizzes for kids

The learning to code for kids doesn’t have to stop at coding classes and coding competitions. We’ve got a great collection of fun quizzes for kids to learn coding. These quizzes are interactive and will definitely level up your kids coding knowledge. They can test their computer vocabulary , know more about scratch programming, test their knowledge about machine learning and much more. Every problem in the quiz has a certain time limit depending on the question asked. Kids can attempt a quiz any number of times, there is no limit on attempting quizzes.

DIY coding worksheets for kids

Best DIY coding worksheets for kids

Codingal DIY coding worksheets for kids are designed by experts to practice not just coding, logic, maths but even language skills. These DIY coding worksheets help kids solve equations, learn and solve math concepts, draw and arrange pictures in a logical sequence and much more. Kids can have a lot of fun and learn as they practice from these DIY coding worksheets.

Free coding workshops for kids

Free coding workshop for kids to learn the basic of coding

Codingal’s free online coding workshop for kids focuses on building logic, computational thinking, and mathematical skills. Kids get introduced to programming while making fun games like Mario Dash, flappy bird, star wars, etc. They also get STEM accredited participation certificates and much more. Our free online coding workshops for kids are interactive, practical, fun, and suitable for all grades 1-12.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Coding for kids helps improve their logical thinking, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, creativity, mathematics and writing skills and also gives them valuable skills in life and at the workplace. Coding provides a competitive advantage when applying to colleges, internships, and jobs. In addition, basic programming knowledge can change how kids interact daily with the technologies they use. It’s a basic literacy–one we can’t afford to overlook.

Our coding courses for kids have been developed so that a complete beginner can follow along without any trouble. With technology increasingly prevalent across so many industries, even basic coding knowledge can help kids regardless of the career they ultimately decide to pursue.

Kids can start learning to code as early as 5-6 years old. When kids learn to code, it’s typically done under the guidance of a game. This makes the process fun and engaging while the kids are still learning a new skill. Our highly qualified Computer Science teachers at Codingal break the complex concepts into small digestible chunks for your child. Kids who learn to code when they’re young can set themselves up for a lifetime of opportunities for success.

Codingal currently offers 1:1 live online coding classes for kids. Our coding courses include Scratch Programming, Python for kids, App Development, Web Development, Game Development, Data Science for kids, Robotics and many other courses for Grade 1-12 students from age 5 years to age 17 years.

A key aspect of our coding courses for kids is keeping parents informed on what happens during the online coding class. We conduct the first Parent Teacher Meeting(PTM) after the 6th session, and the second meeting is conducted after the 12th session. As the course progresses, the PTM happens after every 12th session. Parents receive progress reports after every Parent Teacher Meeting that indicate what students have done during their classes and have links to their projects. Besides regular email updates on the kid's progress, parents and teachers are welcome to audit a current class or review recorded sessions of completed classes.

Codingal’s teachers are experts in computer science, backed with years of industry and teaching experience, and passionate about teaching kids. We hire only the top 1% of applicants who are vetted for their technical skills and communication skills. A thorough background check is also done. We train our teachers to help them continue improving their skills with continuous teacher observation and feedback. Our teachers are best-in-class who are on a mission to inspire kids to fall in love with coding.

Coding is a skill that requires specialized knowledge. While there are many resources available online that can help you catch up on the basics and start teaching coding to your child. However, the best and most effective way to teach a child to code is by ensuring they have a qualified and trained computer science teacher to guide them on their coding journey. Try a free 1-on-1 coding class for kids to get started.

There is no shortage of websites and platforms that offer free access to resources to teach coding to kids. However, every child learns differently and at a different pace, and guided learning is a far more effective method for teaching kids to code. Coding is a specialized subject and Coding instructors with Computer Science background are best suited to teach it in a live format. Your child will develop interest in coding with right guidance from the teachers. You can try a free class with Codingal to experience the magical world of coding.

There are quite a few games that kids can learn coding from, like Minecraft, Code Monster, RoboZZle, Blockly Games, etc. are some of the popular ones.

Many apps make coding fun and interactive for young children. Codingal, Scratch, Blockly, MIT App Inventor are suitable for those just starting. Intermediate coders who want to build an app or website can check out Codingal, CodeCombat, Stencyl, and Advanced coders can also participate in coding competitions and hackathons organized by IOI, Codeforces, and Codingal.

Yes! You can work the classes around your child’s schedule by selecting any time and any day that works for you.

Codingal is on a mission to inspire school kids to fall in love with coding. Therefore, we have made the fee payment structure simple and convenient for the parents. You can either pay the entire course fee or opt for an easy installment facility.

All that is needed to learn coding with Codingal is a laptop/computer with a webcam and a stable internet connection.

Codingal has been founded by leading edtech entrepreneurs, IIT graduates, Google & Amazon alumni and also backed by leading investors like Y Combinator and Rebright Partners. You can know more about us here - Further, we provide money back guarantee if you decide to discontinue after enrollment due to any reason.

Codingal name had the origin from “coding” + “magical”. Learning coding is a magical experience for the kids and hence, the name became “Codingal”.

Penguins don't just look smart, they are highly intelligent, says study. Penguins are known for looking sharp. They have long been adored for their waddling gait and striking black and white attire that gives them the appearance of a flock of dinner jackets. Because Coding gives superpower, it makes everyone learning coding smarter and more intelligent in today's world of technology. We chose “Penguin” as our logo. We also call our penguin dearly with the name Cody!

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