Benefits of Learning Robotics at a Young Age

Priyanka Reddy on November 12, 2021

Benefits of Learning Robotics at a Young Age

With a great emphasis on STEM education today, robotics can play an important part in motivating and exciting students to learn STEM subjects. Fortunately for young learners, robotics makes STEM simple and fun to learn.


Some of the most boring and repetitive jobs are done by robots these days. They are used in inaccessible places, such as exploring our solar system or the bottom of the sea. Robots also appear in entertainment, research, medicine, and education.

We are only beginning to see the use and value of robotics. Robotics involves multiple types of design: the physical design of structures and mechanisms (building a creation using construction materials, motors, and gears), as well as computational design (writing a computer program to determine how creation should move and respond).

By introducing robotics courses for kids, we enable and prepare them to build the next generation of robots that could change the world for the better.

Importance of robotics in education

There are endless educational possibilities with robotics, and it’s easy to learn each area of STEM in a fun way. Improving math skills? Check. Learning computer science? Definitely. Engineering and technology? Yes!

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Why Should Every Child Learn Robotics?

Robots engage students in the learning process. As students design, build and program an autonomous robot, they are exposed to STEM concepts. Then, they learn about these concepts in a real-world application and are required to apply them repeatedly.

These hands-on, minds-on activities help students understand how science and technology are useful in their world and make connections to careers they may not have considered.

What is the right age to learn robotics?

A study by Tufts University demonstrates that as early as pre-kindergarten, children can master foundational concepts regarding programming a robot and that children as young as seven years old can master concepts as complex as programming a robot using conditional statements.

Children not only have fun working with robotics, but research shows positive learning outcomes as well.  It’s also a highly effective way to foster essential skills like collaboration, problem-solving, and project management. Robotics can work its magic even for early elementary students.

What are all the benefits of teaching kids robotics?

Robotics teaches kids complicated concepts with ease

With robotics, kids learn several complex topics with ease. For example, children can learn various STEM concepts, including science (calculating speed, movement, action-reaction), math (distance and measurements) and engineering (building and constructing things, learning how they work together), technology (developing software or lines of code).

Robotics complements coding

Robots function based on commands, usually coded in advance––unless they’re controlled in real-time. But even then, they would have to be pre-programmed to perform certain functions at the pressing of a simple button in real-time. Instead, robotics makes coding easily approachable for kids.

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Robotics is fun and engaging

Robotics for kids is mostly about the joy of creating something new and unforeseen, the suspense of seeing whether it will turn out to be functional, the excitement at seeing one’s thoughts and imagination manifested into tangible reality, and the confident belief in one’s progress.


Robotics for kids is the future. Whether kids want to learn complex concepts easily or have fun while learning, robotics makes it possible. Educational robotics has enormous potential as a learning tool, including supporting students who do not display immediate interest in academic disciplines related to STEM.

Codingal offers robotics courses for Kids that help students learn and build many things with expert, personalized guidance. The courses are led by only computer science teachers and experts, so students build in-demand skills for futures in robotics and coding.

It’s time to introduce your kids to the world of coding and robotics. Book a free trial class to get started with online coding classes along with robotics for kids at Codingal.

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