Coding Competiton Workshop for Kids

JUNE 27TH 2021
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

“Everybody should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think”– Steve Jobs, 1995

Programming and competitive programming are two different aspects of the same coin. Competitive programming urges a coder to constantly think about the problem they are trying to resolve.

There are two major aspects to prepare for competitive programming – speed and quick thinking.

This workshop will help aspiring participants to prepare better for any coding competitions.

Aspects our panel discussed – 

  • How to solve coding problems online?
  • How code is evaluated automatically?
  • Live example of problem-solving in different languages
  • How to prepare for a coding competition?
  • How will this help you in preparing for ZIO and IOI?

About the speakers

Speaker image
Vivek Prakash linkedinIcon
Co-Founder, Codingal

IIT-Roorkee alumni and a serial founder in the edu-tech world. His first company - HackerEarth bridged the gap between companies looking to hire the right developers. With Codingal, he moved to introducing coding to K-12 students.

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Prateek Sharma linkedinIcon
Competitive Programmer

A 3rd year student at IIT Hamirpur. He has been a part of Google Kickstart, Codeforces Rounds, Codechef Coding Contest. He ranks in top 150 on Codechef among 200000 Indians & in top 100 on Codeforces among 20000 Indians.