Hour of Debate : Is Coding productive for kids Webinar

APRIL 20TH 2021
1:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Indian parents put tiger-moms &
soccer-moms to shame. Pushy Indian parents have a new goal for six-year olds – Coding.”
– As per an article by The Print

In this session, our expert panelists addressed similar negative connotations attached to children learning to code at a young age.

We get to understand it from the perspectives of a business owner, a government official, and a mom.

The panel discussed pros, cons, and more to enlighten Indian parents whether they are actually being “Pushy”.

Aspects our panel talked about –

  • Is it too young for six-year olds to start to code?
  • Can students handle one more class post school & tuitions?
  • Why is GoI supporting the initiative for students to learn coding?
  • Will it increase screen time for children?

And most importantly answered other questions you as parents had before asking your children to take a plunge into the world of coding.

About the speakers

Speaker image
Vivek Prakash linkedinIcon
Founder, Codingal

IIT-Roorkee alumni and a serial founder in the edu-tech world. His first company - HackerEarth bridged the gap between companies looking to hire the right developers. With Codingal, he moved to introducing coding to K-12 students.

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Venkatesh Sarvasiddhi linkedinIcon
Senior Head, NSDC

A public policy maker with the National Skill Development Corporation, Venkatesh positively acknowledges the government’s decision to introduce children to coding at a young age.

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Titiksha Mukherjee linkedinIcon
Director Oil & Gas, Tieto Software

Has been associated with the oil & gas tech sector since almost a decade. With her background in computer science & 12 years of experience as a mom, her views can be invaluable.