As coding has become an essential skill that needs to be learned in childhood, parents find it challenging to choose the right platform to make their kids learn to code. To teach kids to code is not an easy task, but thankfully there are some fantastic resources through which students can master the art of coding.

This rundown of coding applications offers approaches to kick off a coding experience. It likewise urges children to become creators and not just consumers of technology.

There are numerous coding apps for kids to choose from. However, we have listed some of the best applications that teach kids coding effectively and interactively.

8 Best Coding Apps For Kids In 2021

Below is a list of the ten best coding apps available on the play store and AppStore, where kids can learn coding.


Scratch was developed back in 2003 by MIT students; the coding language is specifically suitable for kids from 5 to 16 years. Scratch is one of the most popular platforms used worldwide to learn to code. Millions of kids use it both in and outside of schools. The best part about Scratch is that available for free on Android and IOS platforms.

With Scratch's help, kids can code and create their own interactive stories, games, animations, and characters. It also has a separate version names ScratchJr which can be used by kids aged between 5 to 7 on mobile devices.

Playstore Ratings - 4.1 / 5

2. Code Karts

One of the best coding apps for preschoolers is Code Kart; if your child loves car races, then code kart is the app for them. Code Kart teaches coding through a series of logical puzzles presented in the form of a raceway. Coding becomes so fun and exciting way that kids enjoy learning it.

Code Karts' objective is to use direction bricks to get the race car to the finish line. The first ten levels are free and comparatively easy. Still, after that, you need to pay $1.99 to get 60 more stories, increasing the difficulty and progressively requiring more coding knowledge.

Playstore Ratings - 3.6 / 5

3. Lightbot

Lightbot is one of the best coding apps for kids who don't have any coding experience and are new to it. Through Lightbot, kids learn programming in the most fun way by solving puzzles in a videogame.

It uses game mechanics that are firmly rooted in programming concepts. Lightbot lets players achieve a practical and thorough understanding of basic programming concepts like procedure and loops, instruction sequencing by guiding the robot to light up tiles and solving different levels.

Lightbot is not only meant for a particular age group, but anyone can learn to code from it. Children who already possess some coding knowledge and want to move to an advanced version can try out Lightobot.

Playstore Ratings - 4.2 / 5

4. Daisy the Dinosaur

Daisy, the Dinosaur, is a free programming app for IOS devices; this is specifically designed for kids belonging to the age group of 4-7 years. Hopscotch's developers create the app; it has a user-friendly and straightforward interface with limited features, making it an excellent app for beginners.

Daisy the Dinosaur works on the drag and drop functionality, making it super convenient for kids to learn to code as they don't have to memorize the codes; instead, it makes learning fun and exciting and is one of the best coding apps for beginners.

Appstore Ratings - 4.2 / 5

5. SpriteBox

The makers of Lightbot created SpriteBox; spritebox is a two-dimensional super Mario esque game that teaches kids coding. While learning coding through sprite box, it does not feel like learning, but it is like an adventure where kids learn sequence commands, change parameters, debug faulty logic, and use merely too complex loops to solve problems.

It is based on block design, which is easier to learn and much more interactive than standard coding.SpriteBox comes with 20 puzzles and 150 stars that need to be collected to move to the next level.

The interface is aesthetically designed with soft colors; kids can initially kickstart with a free trial version and later move on to paid versions.

Playstore Ratings - 3.9 / 5

6. AlgoRun

AlgoRun is a free coding app available on Android and iOS devices; it is suitable for children belonging to 10 and above. It is one of the best coding apps for kids as it specializes in puzzle challenges that kids can solve while learning the concepts of coding.

AlgoRun comes with 30 levels with different difficulty levels that can be solved using mechanics derived from programming concepts like functions, recursive loops, debugging, etc. It teaches kids coding without actually making them memorize the ideas and making kids understand the actual logic on how they can be used.

Playstore Ratings - 4.7 / 5

7. Grasshopper

Grasshopper is one of the best coding apps to introduce coding to kids in a fun and adventurous way. With the help of quick games, kids can learn to write real JavaScript. It comes with different levels, and as you move progressively, the challenges level gets advanced and complex.

The visual puzzles through which students learn coding develop problem-solving skills; also, real-time feedback guides children like a teacher and does not feel like working in a virtual environment.

Playstore Ratings - 4.6 / 5

8. Mimo

Mimo is one of the best coding apps as kids can learn to program and learn to build websites, apps, and other exciting stuff at their own pace. Children will learn programming languages like Python, Javascript, CSS, HTML, and many more. The best part about Mimo is that anyone can learn programming language whether they have any prior experience in coding or not.

In Mimo, children can write actual code on the mobile code editor that works like an IDE and helps run the code from wherever you are. The curriculum consists of bite-sized exercises through which even beginners can learn coding.

Playstore Ratings - 4.7 / 5


So these are some of the best coding apps for kids through which kids can learn coding in a fun and interactive way. These applications can be downloaded on Playstore and Appstore to kickstart the coding journey at a young age.