6 Amazing Tips to Teach Coding to Kids

Rajnish Kumar on June 10, 2021

Tips to Teach Coding to Kids

In the world in which we live today, coding classes for kids are getting progressively famous, with countless parents showing their interest in programming. The majority of the parents, who are aware of the coding benefits, know the potential demand and growth of skilled coders. Still, sometimes it becomes challenging for parents to introduce kids to coding as it is not as fun as playing soccer or video games. Eventually, when kids start to enjoy coding, it becomes an interactive and pleasing experience.


Many people think that parents need to possess some specialized coding knowledge to introduce their children to coding, which is not the case.

There are many resources available on the internet that help you gain some basic knowledge of coding that can be shared with the children.

Let discuss some helpful tips to kick start your child’s coding journey.

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1. Describe coding to kids.

If kids are not aware of coding’s primary definition, they will never be interested in coding. To get started, provide a brief introduction of coding to kids that includes a description, what can be created with the help of coding and how it will help them reach their goals.

It would be much better and helpful if you can provide them with some live examples, such as opening some apps or games on the play store or app store and telling them that all these applications and games they play are created with the help of coding. The purpose of describing coding is to develop an interest of the child to explore more about coding, and they should be feel intrigued to know more about it.

2. Introduce kids to various coding languages.

Once you have briefed children about the basics of coding, the next step is to tell them about the various programming languages used to build the apps and games. You can say to them that just like we communicate with each other in our native language, similarly coding is the language through which we can communicate with computers.

There are different coding languages like Scratch, Blockly that work on drag and drop, easy to use and fun, and interactive. Apart from this, there are many other languages like Java, C++, Lua, etc.

3. Make coding sound exciting and fun to kids

Until you do not make kids interested in learning to code, they will never understand it by heart. To develop your children’s interest in coding, you can connect them to coding with the things they already enjoy like if they play games on smartphones, you can tell them that the games are made using coding.

For instance, if your kids are interested in animations, you can simply tell them that these are created with the help of coding. With this, children will feel intrigued to explore more about coding.

4. Start with the basics.

Many parents enroll their children in advanced coding courses, which should be avoided as it‘s essential to get through the basics first. If the fundamentals of coding are not clear, you cannot expect children to reach the advanced level.

To start with coding basics, you can refer them to some books, short videos, or even free DIY worksheets. The idea here is to brief them about coding basics so that if someone asks them, they should answer the basics.

5. Make children familiar with the coding terminologies

After briefing children about the basics of coding, you can gradually move to explain the terms used in coding, like loops, variables, functions, etc., so that they do not get perplexed while learning to code.

Don’t overuse the technical jargon, as it will just fly past over their heads. They will not understand a word, so it is better to keep the vocabulary low. When they start grasping the concepts, you can introduce them to the advanced level.

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6. Accustom your teaching according to children’s age.

After this point, you must be wondering what the right age to introduce kids to coding is. There is no right or wrong age when it comes to they are learning to code. Children can start as early as they are ready to learn to code. However, nowadays, most kids are familiar with technology usage due to the increased use of smartphones, computers, and tablets, so they don’t find it difficult to learn to code.

Final Words!!!

Even after considering the above points, you cannot teach coding to your children; you can always seek professional help. Codingal offers the best online coding courses for kids. At Codingal, children learn coding from expert teachers. The best part is that you can book a free class before purchasing the paid courses.

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