5 Best Platforms for Live Coding Classes for Kids

Priyanka Reddy on July 1, 2021

Best online coding classes for kids - Programming course


In less than a decade, almost every meaningful career will require coding. The best designers use C++, C#, CSS and Javascript to create world-class products. The best scientists use Python and R to solve complex calculations and formulate theories. The best doctors are using AI to detect, analyze and cure rare diseases.

Coding is like any other language, and children learn new languages faster than adults.

5 best platforms for live coding classes

In the present world, every parent wants their child to excel in every field. The kids of today are also a lot smarter and tech-savvy than the previous generations. Their grasp on all things technological is something that the world has never seen before. Due to this reason, “coding for kids” has become imperative in recent times. The five best platform offering live coding classes for kids are Codingal, Juni Learning, Tynker, Toppr Codr, Cuemath.


Codingal is the #1 coding platform that provides online coding classes for kids. Codingal has empowered 250,000+ students by motivating them to start learning coding via competitions and high-quality coding education.

All classes are taught live by vetted and trained teachers who are programming experts and only from a Computer Science background. The coding curriculum is based on a standardized K-12 Computer Science Framework, which students find very fun & engaging.

Codingal offers four coding courses for Grades 1-12, including Rising Coding Star (20 classes), Coding Champion (44 classes), Coding Prodigy (92 classes), and Coding Grandmaster (152 classes).This courses include Foundations of Coding, Game and App development, Web development, Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots, and Robotics using many coding languages.

Apart Codingal also offers dedicated courses such as Scratch Programming, App Development, Web Development, Game Development, Competition Course, Data Science, IOI Algorithms Champion & Robotics Courses

Join the community of 150,000+ young coders. Let your child fall in love with coding at Codingal.

Best Online Coding class for kids

Juni Learning

Juni Learning helps you dive into the global language of creativity and logical thinking, computer science. They offer a complete computer science curriculum for kids ages 8-18.

The youngest students start with Scratch courses that use block-based programming to build programming fundamentals and problem-solving skills. They also offer electives like Artificial Intelligence, C++ programming, and app development (JavaScript, HTML, and CSS). Each course typically takes 3-6 months to complete.

Juni offers four membership programs, including Explorer, Builder, Creator, and Innovator. You can choose to learn one or more subjects. From Scratch to C++, or topics like Game Development and Artificial Intelligence—you can explore more about their courses on their website.


Tynker‘s self-guided coding-for-kids software helps children learn to code at their own pace in a fun, interactive environment. Their courses teach critical 21st-century skills, including computer programming, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

Step-by-step coding courses for kids enable kids how to apply coding concepts so they can complete each project. After completing a tutorial, kids apply the concepts they’ve learned and experiment with what they’ve built.

Tynker offers individual and family plans (for more than one kid in a family). You can choose from their quarterly, yearly, and 3-year plans and explore more about them on their platform.

Toppr Codr

Toppr is India’s leading after-school learning app on a mission to make learning personalized. They cater to students and provide the broadest K12 syllabus coverage with 1 million course combinations.

Abled with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data, they study student behaviour and create adaptive learning paths with infinite combinations. It ensures that every student has a unique and personalized learning experience.

Toppr Codr offers basic, standard, premium coding courses for Grades 1-12. The courses include learning Coding Fundamentals, App and Game Development, Web Development, Professional Development.

Prepare your child for a future-ready 21-st century workforce with Toppr Codr.


Cuemath is a global after-school math and coding program for K-12 classes. It is powered by an adaptive learning platform, interactive visual simulations, and the guidance of a live teacher.

The curriculum is developed by experts to adapt to a child’s cognitive skills. Learning outcomes are further bolstered by the guidance of dedicated, trained, and certified Cuemath tutors. With Cuemath’s live online coding classes, start early and build their intuition for coding and computational thinking.

Cuemath offers basic, advanced, and expert coding courses for Grades 1-12. The courses include Game Development, App Development, and Python.

Join Cuemath and enable your child to learn to code.

What are live coding classes?

Live coding classes are those where a teacher and a student connect in real-time. The live instructions ensure the student interacts with the teacher individually, so they learn and understand concepts at their own pace and in their own way.

Best Coding Course for K12 Kids

How live coding classes benefit the child?

Live coding classes empower kids to take control over their learning, have the confidence to communicate what they need, and receive the personalized attention that will enable them to succeed. Live learning initiatives have become widespread today, and the benefits are tremendous.

With a live learning environment, the student can communicate openly and honestly with the teacher. Due to the personal attention, the teacher is more committed to listening to and helping the student and giving them the help and attention they need.

In many cases, the conversations are student-driven. The student has control over the questions they ask and has time to digest the feedback they receive.

The teacher can gauge the success and struggles of the student, even if the student chooses not to volunteer to respond. When the student performs poorly, the instructor will know, make corrections, and adjust the lesson plans and projects to meet the student’s pacing and need for reteaching.

Live interactions provide the student ample opportunities to practice their interpersonal communication skills. The instructor can adapt to the student’s communication style and allow the right amount of “wait time” after asking questions to process the inquiry and provide a thoughtful answer.

Without further ado, here are the top five coding platforms that offer live coding classes for kids.


Learning to code at a young age prepares kids for a lifetime of success. It is a fact that professional coders are high in demand and can build a successful and rewarding career.

As a parent, you would want your child to get a head start in life, and living in a tech-oriented digital world, it makes excellent sense to introduce them to coding. They could learn how smartphones run, applications work, and video games are made.

Live coding classes are the best way for kids to get started with their coding journey. If your child is interested, they can explore the infinite possibilities of coding.

These platforms offering live coding classes make the next-generation virtual coding classrooms and online learning fun and effective.

Start exploring these amazing platforms today to find one that works for your child.

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