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hpe codewars code battle course for kids with Coding Instructor

Ace the HPE CodeWars Code Battle competition

This course includes:


12 live private 1-on-1 sessions of 45 mins each


Learn live with expert Computer Science teacher


2 detailed modules


100 + questions

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Lifetime access to course content


Live 1:1 class with Coding Instructor

What is HPE CodeWars Code Battle?

This is a virtual programming challenge hosted by HPE for Grade 8-12 students. The students will solve coding problems using programming language like C, C++, Java & Python.

What will you learn in this course

12 hours of live session, 100+ questions, quizzes & activities

Module 1

Basics of implementation of Mathematics

Introduction to Python, print statements, variables, and operators Introduction to conditional statement & various loops in Python Introduction to functions in Python.

Lesson 1: Welcome to Python programming

You will be introduced to Python programming, print statements, variables, and operators.

Lesson 2: Loops in Python

Get introduced to conditional statements and various loops in Python.

Lesson 3: Introduction to functions in Python

You will get well equipped with the basics of functions in Python.

Lesson 4: Data Structures in Python

Learn about Operations on list, Python data structures - lists, tuples and their functions.

Lesson 5: Mathematical magic

Learn about Palindrome number, Computing power a^b, Prime number and its properties, Armstrong numbers, Factors of a number.

Lesson 6: Algorithm & Array

You will learn about important algorithms based on odd occurring numbers in an array and how to find them using bit manipulation.

Module 2

Recursion, array, searching and sorting

Learn the concepts of recursions, arrays and algorithms. solve problems and get ready for the challenge.

Lesson 1: Recursive problems

In this lesson you will learn about recursive problems and algorithms.

Lesson 2: Array problems

In this lesson you will learn about reverse arrays in groups, array problems and algorithms.

Lesson 3: Selection and bubble sort

Learn about the Kadane algorithm and how you can use it to find the maximum array sum and its applications, bubble sort and selection sort.

Lesson 4: Insertion and Quick sort

In this lesson you will solve general problems using algorithms in the data structure, insertion sort and quick sort.

Lesson 5: Comparison between Sorting Algorithms

You will learn what is a merge sort and how the sorting algorithm differs from each other based on time and space complexity.

Lesson 6: Practice problems

Solve practice problems and get ready for the finale.

Skills you’ll gain

Algorithm skills and techniques

Data science skills and techniques

Computational thinking

Problem solving

Competitive coding skills

Python development

Activities to master the Code Battle

Two odd occurring numbers

Two odd occurring numbers

If you are given a list of numbers in which all numbers occur at even times except two, write a program to find those two numbers.

Generate all substrings of a given string

Generate all substrings of a given string

Write a program that generates all the possible substrings from any string entered by the user.

Swap two numbers without using third variable

Swap two numbers without using third variable

Write a program to swap two numbers without using a third variable using Bitwise operators. Accredited Educational Experience

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Hear what the winners have to say

Mohit Hulse
Mohit HulseHPE CodeWars Winner, Grade 11

I always enjoy Codingal competitions as the increasing difficulty levels as we progress make it so much more exciting.

SiddhantHPE CodeWars Winner, Grade 10

Codingal gave me the once-in-a-lifetime experience of seeing my code run on the International Space Station.

SwastikHPE CodeWars Winner, Grade 12

I won the HPE CodeWars competition and got the opportunity to run an experiment on the ISS thanks to Codingal.

Sushil Raaja U
Sushil Raaja UHPE Code Battle #1 Winner, Grade 11

As a student preparing for the IOI, Codingal has helped me greatly improve my problem solving and algorithmic thinking.

Aarav Eeshan
Aarav EeshanHPE Code Battle Winner, Grade 11

The algorithmic problems in Codingal’s competitions are super intriguing and I always get to learn something new.

Ace the HPE CodeWars Code battle competition with custom course

Ace the HPE CodeWars Code battle competition with custom course