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hpe codewars Hackathon course for kids with Coding Instructor

Ace the HPE CodeWars Hackathon

This course includes:


12 live private 1-on-1 sessions of 45 mins each


Learn live with expert Computer Science teacher


2 detailed modules


Project building guidance

certificate accredited certificate


Hackathon course certificate


Lifetime access to course content


Live 1:1 class with Coding Instructor

What is HPE CodeWars Hackathon?

This is an online coding competition hosted by HPE for Grade 8-12 students. The students can team up with friends to solve real problems using code. They can ideate, create an application, game, or website around a theme.

What will you learn in this course

12 hours of live session, 2 detailed modules, quizzes & activities

Module 1

Frontend development

Introduction to HTML, links, tables, media and semantic elements in HTML. You will also learn forms in HTML and get introduced to CSS, background effects and text styling properties along with psuedo classes and box model.

Lesson 1: Introduction to HTML

You will be introduced to the structure of HTML, br tag, comments, header tags, paragraph, formatting tags, block quotes, semantics, section and article.

Lesson 2: Links, tables, media and semantic elements in HTML

Get introduced to hyperlink, list types, table, image, audio, videos, media, footer and nav tag.

Lesson 3: Forms in HTML

You will learn about HTML form, form elements, name attributes and input attributes.

Lesson 4: Introduction to CSS

Learn about basics of CSS and types of CSS & selectors along with the comments in CSS.

Lesson 5: Background effects and text styling properties

In this lesson you will learn about CSS background and color, CSS border, CSS gradients, CSS Fonts, CSS text-decoration and text-transform.

Lesson 6: Pseudo classes

You will learn about Pseudo classes, CSS forms,navigation bar, CSS Float

Module 2

Advance Frontend development

Introduction to box model, positioning, opacity, bootstrap, containers in bootstrap, bootstrap utilities, syntax guide and commenting, variables. You will also learn functions in JS, scope of variable in functions, methods, loops, switch and website demo day.

Lesson 1: Box model

In this lesson you will learn about box model, positioning and opacity.

Lesson 2: Introduction to Bootstrap

In this lesson you will learn get introduced to bootstrap, containers in bootstrap

Lesson 3: Bootstrap utilities

Get introduced bootstrap utilities.

Lesson 4: Introduction to JavaScript

In this lesson you will get introduced syntax guide and commenting, variables, Functions in JS, Scope of variable in functions.

Lesson 5: Introduction to methods, loops and switches in JavaScript

You will get introduced to methods, loops and switches in JavaScript.

Lesson 6: Website Demo Day

Website Demo Day and get ready to build your project.

Skills you’ll gain

Website building principles

Creative and design thinking

HTML, CSS and Bootstrap

Python and Python Flask

JavaScript, SQL and NodeJS

Website hosting

Activities to master Hackathon



Create a carousel to display multiple images that users can scroll through and to make your website more interactive.

Box model

Box model

Create multiple sections to display different kinds of content and to make your website easy to read and navigate.



Create colorful boxes to give your website a bold, sprightly look and to make the content on your website stand out. Accredited Educational Experience

Stem accreditation logo Educational Research is the longest continually operating STEM education research and credentialing organization that has served over 4,500 schools, districts, and organizations in over 25 countries. Accreditation has been awarded to Codingal by Educational Research after thoroughly examining and evaluating the educational institution’s curriculum, teachers, and courses for efficiency, effectiveness, and quality.

Hear what our students and parents have to say

Siddharth Narayanabhatla
Siddharth NarayanabhatlaGrade 8, Codingal Student

Along with developing websites, this course has also helped me improve my problem solving skills.

Soumya Ranjan
Soumya RanjanGrade 9, Codingal Student

I am learning to create websites using HTML and CSS which is so fun that it makes me want to learn more.

Aditya Viswanadha
Aditya ViswanadhaGrade 9, Codingal Student

The course is very interesting. The hands-on projects helped me to improve my website building skills.

Seema Singh
Seema SinghCodingal Parent

I cannot believe that my kid has learned to develop amazing websites at an early age. Thank you Codingal.

Ace coding Hackathon with the custom course

Ace coding Hackathon with the custom course