BIT Mesra Junior Hackathon
BIT Mesra's E-SUMMIT'22

BIT Mesra Junior Hackathon

Hosted by BIT Mesra's E-SUMMIT'22


12:30 PM CUT, Mar 02, 2022


06:29 PM CUT, May 15, 2022


1 member



Competition has ended.

Result Announcement

Below are the Winners of the BIT Mesra Junior Hackathon


Grade 1-4


Winner - Afeen Binte Ali   Grade 2  


1st Runner-Up - Aaradhya Patole  Grade 3 


2nd Runner-Up - Avenash Ramesh Grade 4


Grade 5-8


Winner - Rigved Kanikdale  Grade 7

1st Runner-Up - MOHAMMED HAMZA   Grade 5

2nd Runner-Up - Ethan Dsouza  Grade 8


Grade 9-12


Winner - Akshita Agrawal Grade 10


1st Runner-Up - Ritesh Gharat  Grade 12


 2nd Runner-Up - Tanishq Singh Anand  Grade 10

Important Announcement

Due to exams for all the students in the month of March 2022 across India, we have increased the last date for project submission to May 15 2022 from May 2nd, 2022. 

So start building your project and win a certificate from BIT Mesra!


Hackathons are a great way to enhance your coding skills and proficiency. They offer hands-on learning experience. Coding hackathons are designed to inspire, motivate and engage students to learn to code. Here is an opportunity to improve your coding skills and compete with the best coders out there!
BIT Mesra’s E-Summit 22, in partnership with Codingal, the #1 coding platform that provides online coding classes for kids, brings you the Junior Hackathon for Grade 1-12 students.
Junior Hackathon is an online coding hackathon where students can participate individually. So don't miss this opportunity to learn, compete, and win certificates from BIT Mesra.

Important Date:

Project Submission Last Date: May 15, 2022

Themes & Projects

Grade 1-4 (Junior)


Theme 1: Life on Land
Project:  Build an animated project that shows the importance of forests around the world. 

Theme 2: Aquatic Game
Project:  Build an underwater game using different sea creatures as sprites.

Platform: Build a project using block-based platforms such as Scratch, Thunkable, by choosing one of the above themes.

Grade 5-8 (Middle)

Theme 1: STEM Quizmaster
Project: Build an innovative quiz/flashcard app with questions and answer options. The quiz format can be pictorial or audio/visual, i.e. the questions and answers can contain pictures, audio, etc. The quiz topics should be around STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

Theme 2: Battle of Avengers
 Project: Build a game with Avenger characters fighting a battle against the Thanos. The aim of Avengers is to save the planet Earth. Increase the complexity of the game by adding obstacles that can knock down the Avengers. 

Platform: Build a project using block-based platforms such as Scratch, Thunkable,, etc., or text-based applications such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript by choosing one of the above themes.

Grade 9-12 (Senior)

Theme 1: Storytelling with Data        
Project: Build a story around a dataset of your choice by using Data Visualization.

Theme 2: Artificial Intelligence
Project: Build a website with the applications of Artificial Intelligence such as self-driving cars, chatbots, etc.

Platform: Build a project using text-based applications such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript by choosing one of the above themes.


Book 1:1 mentoring session

Book your 1:1 mentoring session to learn how to build a coding project


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Evaluation Criteria


How to register for the competition?


  1. Click on the "Register & Start" button.
  2. Input your mobile number.
  3. Enter the information in the registration form.
  4. Verify your mobile number through the OTP received on SMS.
  5. Click on the "Submit" button. You are registered for the competition.


How to Submit your Project?


  1. Once you have registered and finished your project, Go to the "Junior Hackathon" page on the Codingal website.
  2. Click "Register & Start" and input your mobile number & OTP number received on SMS
  3. Click on "Submit Project" and fill in the below information:


  • Select your Group* (Junior/Middle/Senior)
  • Select your Theme* 
  • Project Name*  (Any name of your choice for your project)
  • Development Platform* (Eg- Scratch, Thunkable, Repl, etc.)
  • Project Description* (Tell us something about your project)
  • Project Link (Share the Link of your project)
  • Upload Project File (Only If Applicable)
  • Upload zip file of screenshots/images of the app/website (Only If Applicable - and it should not be more than 50 MB)
  • Upload zip file of screenshots/images of source code of the app/website (Only If Applicable - and it should not be more than 50 MB)


       4. Click "Submit" & you are done.


  1. Why do I need to register using a mobile number?
    You are required to register via a mobile number as it is the primary source of identification for registration and project submission.
  2. Is this competition online?
    Yes, this competition is 100% online. The contestant can work on their project at any place and time as long as they have access to a computer/laptop and an internet connection.
  3. How much does it cost to enter into this competition?
    There is no registration fee to participate in the competition.
  4. Can I submit projects late?
    Unfortunately, we do not accept any late projects. All projects must be submitted by the project submission deadline.
  5. What if I forget my registered mobile number while submitting the project?
    In case, you forget your registered mobile number, you will have to re-register for the competition before submitting the project
  6. I have entered the wrong information in one of the form fields while submitting my project.
    If you have entered the wrong information in one of the form fields, refresh the page before clicking on the "Submit Project" button at the bottom of the form
  7. Will the old project consider for evaluation?
    No, any old or previous project will not be considered for evaluation.
  8. Can I submit more than one project?
    No. You can submit only one project per competition.


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