New Year Coding Challenge 2021

New Year Coding Challenge 2021

Hosted by Codingal


05:30 AM CUT, Jan 18, 2021


06:29 PM CUT, Jan 22, 2021


1 member



Competition has ended.

Result Announcement

                                Junior Level                     Middle Level                            Senior Level


         Winner            Ryansh Gupta                     Prajwal NH                             Chirag Bhansali


1st Runner Up        Devara Akshaya           Abhishek Ravisankar                  Omanand Swami


2nd Runner Up         Lim Xin Ying                      Aadya Raval                           Darshan Thakare



Congratulations to all the Winners and Best of Luck to all participants for future Codingal Competitions!!!



As we step into 2021, Codingal aims to empower our young champions to create a real change in the new year. To help children learn and love coding we are launching New Year Coding Challenge for Grade 1 to Grade 12


What will this competition offer?

  • Winners will get "Google Mini Home" & merchandise from Codingal
  • Winners will get a 50% discount on "Coding Champion Course" from Codingal



  • Junior Section will create an app on a game
  • The Middle and Senior Section will create an app or website on any UN (United Nations) Sustainable Developments Goals respectively



Divided into 3 sections: Primary, Middle and Senior 


Primary (Grade 1- Grade 4)

  • Project: Create an app on a game


Middle (Grade 5- Grade 8)

  • Project: Create an app or website on any UN (United Nations) Sustainable Development Goals. 


Senior (Grade 9 - Grade 12)

  • Project: Create an app or website on any UN (United Nations) Sustainable Development Goals. 


Important Dates

  • Submission Start Date - Monday, January 18, 2021
  • Submission End Date -   Friday, January 22, 2021
  • Result Announcement - Tuesday, January 26, 2021


There will be 3 winners each from the Primary Section, Middle Section and Senior Section respectively


Registration Guideline


Click on "Register Now".


Enter your mobile number*.


Enter the below information:

  • Kid's Name
  • Class/Grade
  • Email
  • Mobile Number
  • Parent's Name
  • School Name
  • City


Enter OTP Number 


*The mobile number will become a primary identification when you will be submitting your project.


Submission Guideline


Click on "Register Now".


Enter your registered mobile number.*


Enter 6 digits OTP number


For registered kids " Register now" button will turn to "Submit Project" button.


Click "Submit Project"


Submit your project by filling up the requirements:


Select Competition Level - Junior, Middle & Senior

Select Application Type - App or Website

Project Name 

Development Platform

Upload Project File

Project Link (URL of the Project)

Project Description

Upload Screenshots (app/website)

Upload source code (zip file)



Click "Submit"


*Please remember to enter the same mobile number through which you have registered, otherwise, you have to register again if you enter any new mobile number.

Judges & Evaluation Criteria


Roheet Bakere is a Mechanical Engineer, currently working as Curriculum Developer at Condingal. He is AI enthusiast. He also has 2 years of experience in teaching coding to kids.


The evaluation criteria for the competition are:

  • Code 
  • Cleanliness 
  • UI 
  • Innovation
  • Uniqueness
  • Problem that you have solved through your App or Website

App Development Masterclass Video


What is the format?

It is an online competition and individual participation is allowed.


Is there any fee for registration?

No, there is no fee for the competition.


Do I need a laptop to participate?

Yes. You need a laptop and internet to participate.


The competition submission is for 2 days, do I have to present something on both these days?

No. Participants do not have to present something on both days. These 2 days' timeline is only for project submissions.


Can one person submit more than one entry?

No. Each participant can submit only one project 


Can one person submit multiple entries for a different UN goal?

No. Each participant has to select only 1 UN goal for project submission.


If I submit multiple entries in one section, which will be considered as my final submission?

The first submission will be considered as final submission for evaluation.


On what factors would the judging be done?

UI, Code, Cleanliness, Uniqueness


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