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Times NIE Binary Hacks

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05:30 AM CUT, May 31, 2021


05:30 PM CUT, Jul 04, 2021


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Competition has ended.

Results Announcement

Thank you to all students who participated in Times NIE Binary Hacks. We saw nearly 600+ project submissions across different groups by school students. Needless to say, it was difficult to choose 3 winners from different groups i.e. Junior, Middle & Senior respectively. 


Below are the winners for different groups:


Junior Group


Winner -Azlan Tashildar. Pawar Public School Dombivali
1st Runner Up - Bhavi Tushar Chavan, New Horizon Scholars School Vasant Lawns
2nd Runner Up - Sharv Nagar, JG International school 


Middle Group


Winner -Shaurya Bansal, Witty International School, Mumbai
1st Runner Up -Yuvraj Naik, Billabong High International School, Mumbai
2nd Runner up - Rudra Umesh Pitale, Lok Kalyan Public School


Senior Group


Winner - Aditya Verma, Navy Children School, Mumbai
1st Runner Up -Hussain Wangrelwala, MSB Educational Institute
2nd Runner Up - Shambhavi Barnwal, Podar International School ICSE, Kalyan


E-Certificate for Winners and Participants will be sent on their registered email in 10 days' time.


Even if you didn't rank in the competition, we highly encourage students to continue building amazing projects and keep competing in future coding competitions.


Thank you everyone and be sure to look out for the next coding competition on Codingal, so stay tuned for updates on our Competitions page.


Update #2 dated 29-07-21


All projects have been evaluated. Results will be announced shortly.


Update #1 dated 06-07-2021


Thank you to all students who participated and submitted projects for Times NIE binaryHacks. We have received around 600 projects for the competition for evaluation. Results will be announced after 40-45 days.


Times NIE in association with Codingal brings to you {binaryHacks}, one of India's largest coding competitions for School Students. {binaryHacks} aims to motivate and engage Grade 1-12 students to innovate new things which positively impact the community.


Let your imagination take wings this summer and turn your ideas into reality to win some amazing prizes.


It is an online competition where students will have to develop an app or a website. The students would be required to participate individually


Format & Project



The competition is divided into 3 groups:


Grade 1 to 4: Open Innovation

Imagination has no limits! Turn on your creative skills and develop an animation/game/app using Scratch, Sprite lab, or any block-based application


Grade 5 to 8: Tourism

The pandemic has stalled global and local tourism to a massive extent. Think and develop an innovative app or website that consists of useful information about your favorite city. You can use any block-based or programming-based application.


Grade 9 to 12: Climate Change

The world around us is changing rapidly, and more than anything we need to control it. Think and develop an innovative app or a website that educates people about "Climate Change". You can use any block-based or programming-based application.




How to register for the competition?

There is a 2-level registration for the competition.


  1. Click on the "Start Now" button.
  2. When you click on the "Start Now" button, you will have to input your mobile number.
  3. Enter the below information in the registration form.


  • Student's Name
  • Grade
  • Email
  • Mobile Number
  • Parent Name
  • School Name
  • City

      4. Verify your mobile number through the OTP received on SMS.

      5. Click on the "Submit" button. You are registered for the competition.



How to Submit your Project?

  1. Once you have registered and finished your project, Go to the "Times NIE binaryHacks Competition page" on the Codingal website.
  2. Click "Start now" and input your mobile number & OTP number received on SMS
  3.  Click on "Submit Project" and fill in the below information:


  • Select your Group* (Junior/Middle/Senior)
  • Select your Topic* (Tourism/Climate Change/Open Innovation)
  • Project Name*  (Any name of your choice for your project)
  • Development Platform* (Eg- Scratch, Thunkable, Repl, etc.)
  • Project Description* (Tell us something about your project)
  • Project Link (Share the Link of your project)
  • Upload Project File (Only If Applicable)
  • Upload zip file of screenshots/images of the app/website (Only If Applicable - and it should not be more than 50 MB)
  • Upload zip file of screenshots/images of source code of the app/website (Only If Applicable - and it should not be more than 50 MB)


       Click "Submit" & you are done.



Archana Varma: She has 12 years of experience in teaching STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) skills to school students.



Syed Rehman: He is an Information Technology Engineer. He is also a certified Web Developer and Python Programmer. He has a passion for coding and loves teaching people how to amalgamate coding in day-to-day life as it is the Next-Gen Technology Era. 



Srishti Gupta: She is a Computer Science engineer. She has a solid technical background and practical teaching skills.








Neha Bindal: She is a Computer Science Engineer from VIT, Vellore. She has good knowledge and a strong foundation in mathematics & coding.

Evaluation Criteria

Masterclass Video

Learning Resources

















  1. Why do I need to register using a mobile number?
    You are required to register via a mobile number as it is the primary source of identification for registration and project submission.
  2. Is this competition online?
    Yes, this competition is 100% online. The contestant can work on their project at any place and time as long as they have access to a computer/laptop and an internet connection.
  3. How much does it cost to enter into this competition?
    There is no registration fee to participate in the competition.
  4. Can I submit projects late?
    Unfortunately, we do not accept any late projects. All projects must be submitted by the project submission deadline.
  5. What if I forget my registered mobile number while submitting the project?
    In case, you forget your registered mobile number, you will have to re-register for the competition before submitting the project
  6. I have entered the wrong information in one of the form fields while submitting my project.
    If you have entered the wrong information in one of the form fields, refresh the page before clicking on the "Submit Project" button at the bottom of the form
  7. Will the old project consider for evaluation?
    No, any old or previous project will not be considered for evaluation.
  8. Can I submit more than one project?
    No. You can submit only one project per competition.


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