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Empower your child with essential coding skills at our Summer Coding Camp, specifically designed for kids and teens. Dive into the exciting world of technology with hands-on projects in Scratch, Python, Web & App Development, Roblox, and Data Science.

Our expert instructors ensure a comprehensive learning experience. Each session is designed to boost creativity, problem-solving skills, and technical knowledge. Plus, every student will receive a certificate upon completion, celebrating their achievements and new skills.
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Includes 6 x 1-hour sessions, certification, and access to coding resources

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7-17 years

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2-4 students


6 x 1-hour


6 days

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Choose from personalized Summer Coding Camps for your child

Scratch coding acedemy near me

Scratch Explorer:
Foundations of Coding

6 x 1-hour Sessions
Ages 7-10 years

Designed to enhance problem-solving with animation and game creation.

Learning outcomes

Learn basic coding

Make games and animations

Get creative with digital tools

kids and teens learning python programming

Scratch Champion:
Code Like a Pro

6 x 1-hour Sessions
Ages 7-10 years

Blends science, art, microscopy, painting, and game dev for skill enhancement.

Learning outcomes

Create games

Try digital painting

Explore the microscopic world

Python for teens and highschoolers

Python Foundations:
Learn to Code

6 x 1-hour Sessions
Ages 11-17 years

Learn Python basics, operators, conditionals, & solve challenge.

Learning outcomes

Write your first Python script

Python datatypes and conditionals

Practice with coding challenges

Python for teens and highschoolers

Python Champion:
Enhance Your Skills

6 x 1-hour Sessions
Ages 11-17 years

Explore Python loops, nested conditions, patterns, and Turtle graphics.

Learning outcomes

Nested conditions for smarter choices

Loops & patterns

Draw with Python’s Turtle graphics

Kids and teens building their first website

Website Wizard:
Build Your First Website

6 x 1-hour Sessions
Ages 11-17 years

Text formatting, multimedia, tables, forms, & create a mini-project in HTML.

Learning outcomes

HTML basics and media

Explore tables and links

Build a mini-project

website development for high schoolers

Website Champion:
Develop Advanced Sites

6 x 1-hour Sessions
Ages 11-17 years

Explore CSS from basics to advanced layouts, Flexbox, Grid, and animations.

Learning outcomes

CSS basics and advanced features

Grid and animation

Create responsive designs

how to build my app with Thunkable

App Inventor:
Build Your First App

6 x 1-hour Sessions
Ages 7-13 years

Learn to design and program AI apps on Thunkable.

Learning outcomes

Create practical apps

Design user interfaces

Build Health Monitoring apps

kids and teens building apps

App Champion:
Create Advanced App

6 x 1-hour Sessions
Ages 7-13 years

Design and program complex AI apps on Thunkable along with UI design.

Learning outcomes

Develop complex apps

Advanced interface design

Project management and execution

Learning roblox is fun

Roblox Rookie:
Build Fun Games

6 x 1-hour Sessions
Ages 7-13 years

Introduction to Roblox studio, basic Lua scripting to 3D game creation.

Learning outcomes

Basic Lua scripting

Create User Interfaces

3D Game Development

creating games with roblox and lua

Roblox Champion:
Design Epic Games

6 x 1-hour Sessions
Ages 7-13 years

Learn advanced game tricks, fancy controls with challenging levels.

Learning outcomes

Develop Battle Mechanics

Immersive Game Environments

Design Complex Game Elements

kids learning data science

Data Science Intro:
Learn Python & Beyond

6 x 1-hour Sessions
Ages 15-17 years

Learn the fundamentals of data science to solve real-world problems.

Learning outcomes

Python basics and functions

Learn to use loops

Explore data science

data science for high school students of ages 14 to 17

Data Science Champion:
Advanced Analytics

6 x 1-hour Sessions
Ages 15-17 years

Introduction to data structures, OOPs and libraries.

Learning outcomes

Data structures, classes, & objects

Apply Python in practical scenarios

Introduction to Pandas and Matplotlib

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Exclusive advantages of Summer Coding Camp

Learn together with 2-4 coding buddies

Handpicked coding instructor as per your need

Fun & engaging classes of 1 hours each accredited certificate for the course

Unlimited doubt sessions and dedicated support available 24x7

Get assured 100% moneyback guarantee

Projects & Quizzes after every class

Gamified learning dashboard with projects & quizzes

Lifetime access to all class recordings

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Money back guarantee

At Codingal, we are passionate about customer satisfaction.

Therefore, we have a 100% moneyback guarantee policy. If we do not meet your expectations, you have the right to cancel your purchase and get your money back. It's as simple as that.

If at any point, you feel that you wish to discontinue using Codingal, please email us at and we will immediately process your refund for the remaining lessons/classes, no questions asked.

Got questions? Find answers in our FAQ section

Our summer coding camp welcomes kids & teens aged 5-17. We offer specialized programs tailored to different age groups, ensuring an enriching and age-appropriate learning experience for all participants.

No, beginners are welcome! Our summer coding camp for kids and teens is designed to accommodate all skill levels, from absolute beginners to more advanced learners. Each student receives personalized guidance suited to their experience level.

Participants will explore a diverse range of programming languages and platforms, including Scratch, Python, Thunkable, Roblox Studio, Lua, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Data Science, providing them a broad foundation in computer programming depending on the camp selected.

Our coding camp conducts live, interactive sessions through video conferencing software built into Codingal dashboard. Each session is led by an experienced instructor who provides real-time guidance and support, using best-in-class platform that enhances collaborative and interactive learning.

To ensure personalized attention and a supportive learning environment, we maintain a low instructor-to-student ratio with no more than 4 students per class. This allows instructors to address individual needs and foster better learning outcomes.

Participants will need a computer or laptop with a reliable internet connection. All software used in the camp for learning coding will be made available completely free of cost by Codingal.

Absolutely! Our summer coding camp for kids and teens features engaging hands-on projects and group activities designed to reinforce coding skills, boost creativity, and encourage collaboration among participants.

We track participants’ progress through activities, project evaluations, and continuous instructor feedback. Our camp emphasizes a comprehensive approach to learning, focusing on practical skills and understanding over rote memorization.

Yes, technical support is readily available throughout the camp to assist students. Our dedicated team ensures that any technical challenges are promptly addressed, ensuring a seamless learning experience.

Beyond regular sessions, students receive lifetime access to our learning resources, early invitations to global coding competitions and hackathons, unlimited doubt sessions, and 24/7 customer support. Our extensive support system is designed to foster ongoing learning and development in coding.

At Codingal, your satisfaction is our priority. That’s why we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you feel that our services have not met your expectations, you are entitled to cancel your purchase and receive a full refund. Simply contact us at to discontinue your services and request a refund for any remaining classes, with no questions asked.

Codingal is established by distinguished edtech entrepreneurs, alumni from IIT, and former professionals from Google and Amazon, and is supported by prominent investors like Y Combinator and Rebright Partners. You can learn more about our credentials and background here. Additionally, we offer a money-back guarantee if you choose to withdraw after enrolling for any reason.

The name “Codingal” blends “coding” with “magical,” reflecting the fun & engaging experience of learning coding for kids. This combination highlights our commitment to making coding a magical and transformative journey.

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